AFL Fantasy 2018 – Round 16 Wrap Up

THIS isn’t the time of year that you want to be travelling backwards. As everyone benefits from big scores the Large Fry’s and Coke stalled in Round 16. I barely managed to scrape over 2000 and to be honest there isn’t a clear answer to solve my woes. Sigh. Here’s the weekly wrap.

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My Team

2034 – What Kade Simpson has to score next week to redeem himself
THINGS didn’t get off to a great start with Kade Simpson a late out against Brisbane. I couldn’t really expect more from my rookies this week, but 86 points from Luke Ryan in two weeks really hurt. Neale and Dangerfield better sort themselves out next round as well, or else.

AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 16 Wrap Up 1

News That Matters

NOT a lot of fantasy names face any tribunal issues this week. Suns pair Steven May and Alex Sexton might have to give out some cash for tummy taps on Shaun Higgins and everyone’s favourite R3 Oscar McInnerney was reported late in Brisbane’s big win. He shouldn’t face any time on the pine.

THE status of Kade Simpson and Isaac Heeney will be watched closely by thousands of coaches. The star duo are in doubt for Round 17 after failing to trouble the scorers over the weekend. A lot of the other mainstream names avoided the injury bug but there was still some carnage around the grounds. Kieran Jack (knee), Dan Hannebery (calf) and Jarryd McVeigh (broken collarbone) kicked things off on Thursday night, all suffering notable injuries. Their absence could hurt a few draft teams. Lachie Hunter (knee), Dan Butler (ankle) and Jarrod Weitering (calf) also need to prove they are fit to play.

FROM the two’s everyone is praying Dylan Clarke can get back into the Bombers best 22 and 23 touches on the weekend will help his cause. Darcy Parish’s big game (39 disposals) might ruin those plans though. George Horlin-Smith had a MAMMOTH 42 touch, 14 clearance, two-goal game for Geelong’s reserves and Blake Acres (33 disposals) made a triumphant return from his groin injury.

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DOM Tyson (31 disposals and 15 tackles) and Ryan Bastinac (36 disposals and 12 marks) put their hands up for a recall at the Dees and Lions respective and with injuries mounting the Swans could call on Irishman Colin O’Riordan and/or Nic Newman after they both racked up 37 possessions.

Plus 3’s

Dayne Beams, Lions (MID, $706K – 133)
GOD damn it. Not only have I been blowing smoke up Beamer’s’ ass about how good he is, I nearly traded him in this week. Instead, I opted for Kade Simpson and we all know how that turned out. Beams is an animal, get him in.

Clayton Oliver, Demons (MID, $710K – 141)
FOR about the same price as Beams, you can get Clayton Oliver, who has played himself into serious consideration. Two scores over 130 in the last month are tempting and a date with the Western Bulldogs next week makes him hard to pass up.

Devon Smith, Bombers (FWD/MID, $694K – 150)
TALK about a redemption game! After a week in the doghouse, Devon Smith scored a round high 150 points which included a beastly 13 tackles. Must have property right now.

Negative 3’s

Gary Ablett, Cats (MID, $684K – 54)
GAZ had started to play himself into contention for coaches before the byes. A 137 against North and another 110+ off his bye tempted some, however, he laid an egg on Thursday night. Ablett managed just 17 touches and more of these scores could be on the horizon.

AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 16 Wrap Up 3Image from

Ed Curnow, Blues (MID, $649K – 61)
I like to complain a lot about trading the wrong player in. Things could be worse as I was oh so close to pulling the trigger on Ed Curnow instead of Elliot Yeo after their Round 12 bye. Since then, Curnow has averaged 80 and hurt a hell of a lot of coaches. Lift Ed.

Lachie Neale, Freo (MID, $673K – 59)
SPEAKING of lifting, many of us expected a rise in Lachie Neale’s score against Melbourne with Nat Fyfe on the shelf. He never got a chance to fire against a polished Demons outfit, but just five kicks all game has put Neale on notice.

Noteworthy Numbers

IF he makes a return from injury then Isaac Heeney (MID/FWD, $630K – BE 147) will own the highest breakeven for fantasy-relevant guys. Aforementioned pair Ed Curnow (MID, $649K – BE 144) and Gary Ablett (MID, $684K – BE 140) are in a pickle after woeful scores along with top-6 defender hopeful Jack Crisp (DEF, $644K – BE 135)

POPULAR rookies Brad Lynch (DEF, $229K – BE -11) and Brayden Sier (MID, $235K – BE -3) own negative BE’s with the pair scoring 50+ over the weekend. Quinton Narkle (MID, $232K – BE 4) is another mainstream cash cow a lot of people are trading in and injured pair Mason Redman (DEF, $261K – BE -15) and Josh Battle (FWD, $284K – BE -13) can still make you money if they return.

MOVE over Josh Kelly (MID, $776K – L3 111.3), there’s a new sheriff in town. A bit hard done by to not get a mention in the +3’s Andrew Gaff (MID, $773K – L3 136) is in career-best form right now. He owns the highest three-round average and popular names Tom Mitchell (MID, $839K – L3 125), Brodie Grundy (RUC, $806K – L3 125.3) and Jake Lloyd (MID, $700K – L3 114)  are also turning heads.

Quickfire Trade Thoughts

IN – DEPENDING on your financial position there are a few different ways to go with your trades this weekend. If you have a bit of dough then you can load up and target the en fuego Andre Gaff (MID, $733K – 146) or even Angus Brayshaw (DEF/MID, $677K – 113) down back. Little but strapped for cash? No worries, Matt Crouch (MID, $673K – 117) appears to be injury free and ripe for the picking. STILL, struggling? Then you can still get Dusty (MID, $575K – 114) who tragically fallen over $200K from his starting price.

FOR the second straight week three popular rookies will be the most traded in. In no particular order Brad Lynch (DEF, $229K – 72), Brayden Sier (MID, $235K – 51) and Quinton Narkle (MID, $232K – 36) all seem destined to increase in price and produce solid numbers.

OUT – WITH no end to the misery in sight it seems like it’s time to part ways with Ed Curnow (MID, $649K – 61). A favourable schedule might suggest otherwise, but at the moment Curnow looks like a sinking ship and we can still turn him into something beneficial. Technically speaking Bayley Fritsch (FWD/MID, $569K – 77) is a rookie, but he is priced almost as a premium. He has been stellar for us this season, but it might be time to part ways with the stud to complete your midfield/forward line.

WITH cash generation still an important factor, another batch of rookies seem to have topped out for us. Moving on from Matt Guelfi (FWD/MID, $417K – 59), Oscar McInnerny (RUC/FWD, $327K – 43) and Ben Ronke (FWD, $423K – 53) is a wise move for one or even both of your trades this round.

Looking Ahead

I think for the second straight week I’m pretty set on my moves. It’s tempting to try and get my hands on Devon Smith, but to do so I’d have to trade out Bayley Fritsch. Therefore, I’m following the traditional route going Rice down to the Dogs youngster Lynch and after 12 weeks of service, Guelfi paves the way for me to get Dusty. At this point of the year, it’s time to take risks and Martin could just fire to help vault me up the ranks.


ALSO quick shoutout to Cyril Rioli on a magnificent career. He proved that you can dominate a game without a huge stat line and his resume/highlight reel is one of the greatest of our generation. Kudos, enjoy retirement.

Rice → Lynch
Guelfi → Martin

Good luck in Round 17!

Peace ✌

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