6 Ways the Cleveland Cavaliers Can Trade Kevin Love

NEWSFLASH: The Cleveland Cavaliers are not going to be very good next season. In fact, there is a real chance that they will seriously stink after LeBron James’ free agency departure. They still have another All-Star on their roster in Kevin Love, who they continue to tell us isn’t on the trade block. However, parting ways would be mutually beneficially for both sides and Love can still help take another team to the next level.

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Washington Wizards

Wizards get: Kevin Love
Cavs get: Otto Porter

WASHINGTON doesn’t have a ton of assets, making a trade unlikely, but not impossible. For the Wizards to enter the Kevin Love sweepstakes it means they will all but certainly have to part with Otto Porter. I actually wanted the Cavs to take the Georgetown product over Anthony Bennett back in 2013 so I would be chuffed to see him in wine and gold. Landing Porter gives Cleveland a great piece for their rebuild and helps the Wiz take another step towards an East crown. Don’t rule out a pick of some form being thrown in to push the deal through.

Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers get: Kevin Love
Cavs get: Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, Luol Deng, 2019 1st rounder (top-5 protected)

LEBRON James has reportedly told reporters there is no rush to get him a star teammate. With trade talks for Kawhi Leonard all over the place at the moment, making a move for a different All-Star forward might be on the cards. Besides, the Lakers need to get some shooters to help space the floor and what better player to grab than LBJ’s former championship teammate? LA is overflowing with potential trade pieces and if San Antonio can’t pry away Brandon Ingram, don’t expect the Cavaliers to do so. However, Deng’s expiring with rookie duo Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart, plus a top-5 protected first should tick the box.

6 Ways the Cleveland Cavaliers Can Trade Kevin Love 1Image from fanragsports.com

Indiana Pacers

Pacers get: Kevin Love
Cavs get: Thaddeus Young, Domantas Sabonis, 2020 1st rounder

THIS might be the best fit for K-Love. The Pacers surprised everyone last season with their finish in the East and a few pieces could transform them into a serious threat. They’ve got Victor Oladipo patrolling the backcourt so Love could help make a nice 1-2 punch in Indiana. Across the board, they are a pretty good team and if Myles Turner can fire with Love on the squad anything is possible next year. They will have to give up their current power forwards in Thaddeus Young and Domantas Sabonis to get the All-Star, plus a pick or two. Totally worth it.

Portland Trailblazers

Blazers get: Kevin Love
Cavs get: Meyers Leonard, Mo Harkless, Caleb Swanigan, 2020 1st rounder (top-10 protected)

DESPITE being born in California, Kevin Love calls Oregan home after spending most of his childhood there. So it makes sense for the Blazers to try and bring the Love home. A straight swap for Ohio native C.J. McCollum makes logical sense, although Portland trading for Cleveland’s All-Star probably means they want to form their own Big 3. Other pieces of their roster could be used to manufacture a trade with youngsters Myers Leonard, Caleb Swanigan and maybe even Shabazz Napier all interesting prospects. I think Koby Altman trusts Collin Sexton as the future floor general, so landing Leonard, Swanigan and perhaps Mo Harkless to make contracts work out is the smart play here.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Thunder get: Kevin Love, Kyle Korver
Cavs get: Carmelo Anthony, Patrick Patterson, Alex Abrines and 2022 1st rounder (top-3 protected)

WOULD Kevin Love be enough to launch OKC into serious contention? Trading for the All-Star forward to find out might be a risk Sam Presti has to take. With Russell Westbrook and Paul George in their primes, the time to go for it is now. Love and his sharpshooting teammate Kyle Korver could be great additions to the Thunder’s championship chase. Axing Carmelo Anthony, Patrick Patterson and Alex Abrines makes sense and help them free up cap space too. From there, he’s the Cavs problem and Cleveland could choose to follow Oklahoma’s lead and buy him out.

Philadelphia 76ers

Sixers get: Kevin Love
Cavs get: Dario Saric, Robert Covington, Markelle Fultz

KEVIN Love landing in Philadelphia seems to be the idea gathering the most steam. Even with the Sixers chasing Kawhi Leonard they might decide to pull the trigger and acquire another stud. A third party might need to get involved to make things work, but the 76ers do own a ton of intriguing trade bits. The question is which ones do they want to part with? Dario Saric will no doubt be included in talks and a combination of Jerryd Bayless, Markelle Fultz and Robert Covington with some picks should make up the rest of the deal. With Wilson Chandler on the roster now they could look to offload all of the above and take back Jordan Clarkson’s contract to help give them some scoring off the bench. No? No one wants Jordan Clarkson? Can’t say I didn’t try…

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