MY name is Fry, I am going bald at the age of 25 and I love sports. For as long as I can remember sports have been a part of my life with the NBA and AFL taking most of my interest. That being said, I can often be found tuning into a variety of other sports, so I decided to start voicing my opinions.

I know that I’m not the only person that shares a passion and love for sports. My goal is to continue building my audience and fan base to turn SportsbyFry into THE place you come to read about the happenings in the sports world and voice YOUR OWN opinions. I have some great ideas and ambitions for my audience as I continue to grow and I appreciate the support from fans across the globe. If you enjoy SportsbyFry you can find me on Patreon with any donations poured straight back into SportsbyFry creating more great content. Be sure to leave any comments, questions or feedback, bookmark the SBF site, tune into my YouTube channel and/or podcast and follow me on all relevant forms of social media as I continue expanding the SBF community!

Peace ✌️

Alex Fry