My name is Alex Fry, I am a 25-year old, balding Australian and I love sports. From as early as I can remember sport has been a major part of my life and over time I have slowly developed into a hopeless Dockers/Cavs/Blue Jays/Ducks/Panthers fan who spends WAYYYYY too much time looking at his fantasy teams (yes, teams I have multiple, please send help). I’m that guy that will be able to tell you how many games Player X on screen has played, or what their career numbers are without using Google. In other words, everyone’s least favourite statistician when they are trying to focus on the game and relax. So instead of annoying my family and friends with my not so hot takes, I launched my own blog and started to share my opinions in the in the form of this blog, with the long-term goal of building a global fan base!

I know that I’m not the only person that shares a love for sports and my dream is to turn SBF into a full-time career, providing you with all the relevant updates you need from the sporting world, with my own unique twist. If you enjoy SportsbyFry you can find me on Patreon with any donations poured straight back into creating more SBF content. Feel free to tune into my YouTube channel and/or podcast, find me on all relevant forms of social media and please leave any comments, questions or feedback as I continue expanding the SBF community!

Peace ✌️

Alex Fry