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Compare The Pair

Compare The Pair – No. 8 Kobe Bryant vs No. 24 Kobe Bryant

To celebrate #8 & #24 heading to the rafters at Staples Center, let's break down which Kobe was better.

Compare The Pair – Steve Kerr vs. Robert Horry

Clutch vs. clutch, who's better Kerr or Horry?

Compare The Pair – Shane Crawford vs. Robert DiPierdomenico

Both famously wore #9 for Hawthorn for a combined 545 games stretching over a 33-year span. Who outranks the other?

Compare The Pair – Baron Davis vs. Gilbert Arenas

Cult heroes of the 00's Baron Davis and Gilbert Arenas go head to head in a long overdue Compare the Pair.

Compare The Pair – Chauncey Billups vs. Tony Parker

The '04 Finals MVP squares off against the '07 Finals MVP. Who wins?

Compare The Pair – Sean Kemp vs Amar’e Stoudemire

Stoudemire and Kemp go head to head in the latest Compare the Pair

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