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College Basketball

2018 NBA Mock Draft 5.0

Less than 10 days to go! Time to update my NBA Draft predictions.

2018 NBA Mock Draft 4.0

Less than one month until NBA Draft night. Time to update my prediction.

2018 NBA Draft Player Comparisons

Comparing 11 draft prospects to legends of the game past and present.

2018 NBA Draft: Pre Lottery Player Rankings

Forget which team is picking where for a moment, it's time to rank the top-20 prospects in this year's crop of draft-eligible guys. 

Who Could Be The 2018 NBA Draft’s Donovan Mitchell?

5 guys who could outperform their projected draft slot and star from day one in the NBA.

Are We Sleeping on Marvin Bagley?

There is still some merit to taking Bagley with the first overall pick.

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