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NFL Playoff Picture – Week 10

After 10 weeks of the NFL season the playoff picture is finally starting to take shape.

Richard Sherman Is Down, Are The Seahawks Out?

Seattle's Superbowl hopes took a massive hit against the Cards.

The 10 Biggest Stories From The First Half Of The NFL Season

10 headlines have grabbed the NFL by the balls in the first half of the season.

7 Most Lopsided NFL Trades Of All Time

RG3, Randy Moss and of course, Herschel Walker all grace some of the biggest trades in NFL history

We Finally Get To See What Jimmy Garoppolo Can Do

After years of flirting with promise, Garoppolo gets his chance.

Trade Targets As The NFL Trade Deadline Nears

Before the end of October these seven guys could find themselves in different colours.

Hey Atlanta, Why Won’t Throw The Ball To Julio Jones In The Red Zone?

Julio Jones' trips to the end zone aren't nearly as frequent as they should be.

How The Packers Can Survive With Brett Hundley Under Center

Brett Hundley isn't Aaron Rodgers, but that doesn't mean the Packers are doomed.

Should The Indianapolis Colts Shut Andrew Luck Down For The Season?

With Andrew Luck's return pushed back again it's time to draw a line through him in 2017.

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