Compare the Pair – Chris Bosh vs. Chris Webber

ON the surface Chris and Chris were revolutionary players during their time in the league. Webber was a playmaking big man who helped the Kings, yes the Sacramento Kings become relevant in the early 21st century. Bosh was the stereotypical stretch big, spacing the floor with his long-range shooting while still managing to tick the boxes for a generic power forward. It’s tough to determine a clear winner when arguing who had a better career but I gave it my best shot. Bosh or Webber, who you got?

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PLAYING alongside LeBron James is going to put a few more playoff wins on your resume, just ask James Jones. Bosh managed just two first-round appearances off his own back while he was North of the border, albeit with a mediocre supporting cast. Webber didn’t play in a huge amount of playoff games, but he did star for the Kings at the turn of the 21st century during their most successful stretch as a franchise. At the end of the day, despite who their teammates were, Bosh was an integral part of Miami’s two championships and deserves the slight nod.
Edge: Bosh. Just

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THIS one is tough based on the different era’s that both guys played in and their distinct skill sets. Webber was more of a playmaker and as a result, he averaged more assists than Bosh in his career. Amazingly their career point totals are separated by just seven points, highlighting how good Webber was at scoring despite playing 62 fewer games than Bosh. It’s well known that Bosh has to sacrifice his scoring numbers a bit when he joined Miami helping Webber take this one out by a hair.
Edge: Webber. Just


MUCH like offense, this one is tough to pick a winner. Both Chris’ were admirable defenders during their time in the league, but the offensive side of the ball was where they did their damage. Most of the numbers from their careers are similar on the surface with Webber taking a slight advantage. Considering the elite players at the power forward spot that Webber was going up against (see picture below) and the fact that he managed to lead the league in rebounds (at 13.0 a game) in 98-99 gives him another win. 
Edge: Webber

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BOSH – THERE are plenty of clutch baskets, boards and blocks that Chris Bosh accumulated over his career, but his finest moment came on the offensive glass. Down three with the shot clock turned off Miami was on the verge of surrendering the Larry O’Brien trophy to the Spurs in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals, until Bosh and Ray Allen connected. Bosh snared an offensive rebound off a James missed three and hit Allen in the corner, who subsequently hit a now infamous three-pointer to force OT. Without that rebound, the Heat loses the championship and the legacies of everyone on the court play out differently.

WEBBER – WHILE Webber’s most memorable occasion came in college when he called an unfortunate timeout for the Wolverines, his best moment came in better circumstances. His 28/14/8/7/4 line in the 2000 playoffs in the first-round against the future champion Lakers gets an honourable mention but doesn’t take the cake. Even though it came during an L, Webber joined Wilt Chamberlain as the only other player in history with 50+ points and 25+ rebounds in a single game in a 2001 game against the Pacers. Those numbers are hard to replicate in 2K let alone in a real NBA game.

AS historic as Webber’s line against Indiana was, Chris Bosh literally saved the Miami Heat’s 2013 championship. The argument is close, and Ray Allen’s shot is more famous than the rebound itself. However, Bosh’s board will be played on NBA highlight reels long after we’re gone.
Edge: Bosh


NOW things are getting interesting. Locked at two apiece there isn’t a clear winner for this section either in my eyes. Sure Webber made more All-NBA teams and sweeps the college basketball section, but Bosh had more than twice the number of All-Star nods (11-5) and claimed two NBA titles. While Bosh can claim the ultimate prize the breadth of Webber’s awards gets him over the line.
Edge: Webber


OFF the court both men are universally respected and have had a great impact on the game. Webber went straight from his career into the booth and is one of the premier TV personalities still covering the game. Bosh still hasn’t had a lengthy post-basketball career and rumours are that he is still considering a comeback. Webber’s legacy as one of if not the best player in Sacramento Kings history helps edge him over Chris Bosh’s achievements with the Raptors, Heat and off the court. 
Edge: Webber



GIVE Chris Bosh another two or three seasons at Miami averaging say 17/8 with a few playoff appearances and this argument could be very different. However, that isn’t the case and being forced into an early retirement at the age of 33 holds him back from truly competing with Chris Webber. The end results are closer than the tally may reflect and these two guys are incredibly similar in a lot of aspects. Webber deserves the win though, just.

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