Secret Weapons: 7 Players Your AFL Fantasy Side Needs For the Run Home

THROUGH 16 rounds of footy there is quite a jumble for finals spots and we aren’t 100% sure which teams are actually good and which ones aren’t up to the standard. The same can be said for some players in our fantasy sides, with subpar scores likely to see owners swing the axe. Including this week, we only have 14 trades left for season 2018 so each move you make is crucial as finals near. Call it a hunch, call it gut instinct, but for one reason or another, I have faith that these seven players are set for success to close out the year.

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Alex Witherden, Brisbane, DEF

Stats: $585K, 87.3 average, 75 BE, 2.8% ownership
ALEX Witherden hasn’t made himself into a household fantasy name with just 24 AFL games under his belt. However, in those games, he has been remarkably consistent with just one score under 70. Averaging a hair under triple figures for the past month, Witherden could be about to finish the year with a bang. He doesn’t have the nicest run to close the season, but as teams start to close up shop he won’t slow down at all.

Luke Shuey, West Coast, MID

Stats: $522K, 81.2 average, 55 BE, 2.14% ownership
TRUE or false? Luke Shuey has never averaged a ton for an entire season?… Somehow like Shane Watson, Shuey’s career scorecard is littered with 90’s, failing to top triple figures for a whole year. The Eagle has never been associated with big fantasy scores, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be valuable. Priced ridiculously low after an injury-interrupted 9 against Port, Shuey seems destined to vault in value. He could be a great stepping stone to an uber premium or better still he might catch fire to close the year. Win-win.

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Dustin Martin, Richmond, MID

Stats: $575K, 89.9 average, 70 BE, 34.39% ownership
SPEAKING of ridiculously low prices, who would have thought Dusty’s price could ever dip into the $500K region? The reigning Brownlow medalist has lost over 200 grand from his starting price and appears to have hit rock bottom. Which means the time to pounce is now. Fresh off a 114 against the Crows last weekend, Dusty could return to his usual breathtaking self just in the nick of time. Get him in now or regret it later.

Justin Westhoff, Port Adelaide, MID/FWD

Stats: $680K, 102.5 average, 96 BE, 24.61% ownership
I’LL admit it, I was deadset wrong about the Hoff. I thought his fantasy scores were a flash in the pan, but he has proved me wrong en route to becoming one of just two forwards averaging 100+. In a season where the top-6 up forwards are tough to lock down investing in Westhoff is a smart move. His numbers aren’t going to slow down and the Power have a juicy run to close the year.

Kade Simpson, Carlton, DEF

Stats: $686K, 100.6 average, 88 BE, 43.75% ownership
I was a bit trepidatious to put Simpson on this list especially after what he did to me last weekend. Still, he looked like must have property before his late out against Brisbane scoring over 110 four times in the last five outings. Rumours are swirling about his ‘injury’ and it still being an issue, but if he’s named don’t look back.

Joel Selwood, Geelong, MID

Stats: $739K, 109.2 average, 102 BE, 8.59% ownership
WTF. HOW IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT JOEL SELWOOD? The Cats superstar is having an awesome year and currently hasn’t put a foot wrong. I keep waiting for the inevitable concussion or high tackle that sidelines him for a week, but it doesn’t come. So far only four players have scored more points than Selwood and eight average higher than his 109.2. If you are looking for a unique with a proven track record then look no further.

Dayne Beams, Lions, MID

Stats: $706K, 102.7 average, 95 BE, 5.6% ownership
SOMETIMES you need to listen to your own advice. I have been talking Dayne Beams up for weeks and last week I was set to pull the trigger on him. At the last minute, I got cold feet and opted to trade in Kade Simpson (see above). This week I won’t be making the same mistake. He may lay an egg or two again throughout the final run, but I don’t care, he is the guy who could win you a final off his own back. Invest.

Want To Get REALLY Fancy?

AT this point in the season sometimes your team and your position in your league are shot to pieces. So to salvage something from the rabble, you could take a gamble on these longshots in the hope you hit the jackpot.

Shaun Higgins, North Melbourne, MID
Stats: $666K, 94.1 average, 119 BE, 1.23% ownership
YOU could be forgiven for trying it. According to the AFL site if the season ended today Shaun Higgins would be leading the Brownlow count. With an ownership that is unlikely to rise he’s a perfect late season smokey.

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Jack Martin, Gold Coast, FWD
Stats: $543K, 83.6 average, 69 BE, 0.99% ownership
HISTORY would suggest that Jack Martin is a guy who is ‘a year away’ from being ‘a year away’. Showing plenty of promise in the past he still hasn’t delivered consistently. If he does start to show signs, then he could be worth the punt.

Ollie Wines, Port Adelaide, MID
Stats: $662K, 93.6 average, 130 BE, 5.9% ownership
WITH a smooth run to close out the year why not look at Ollie Wines? Yes, he seems to be heading in the wrong direction, but not all hope is lost with a fantasy-friendly game this weekend against the Dockers. Keep your eye on him.

Marc Murphy, Carlton, MID
Stats: $722K, 100.8 average, 141 BE, 4.69% ownership
NOW that Murphy has put an end to his end of season speculation, he may just get put on ice. If he opts to play on though, then you could try and get a seriously unique player when he bottoms out in price. My advice would be to trade him in for the Gold Coast game in Round 19. You’re welcome.

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