Where Will Kirk Cousins Land?

THE Pats and Eagles have been dominating all the NFL headlines lately, and rightly so with Super Bowl LII just days away. Last night the Redskins and Chiefs stole the show by announcing that Alex Smith had been traded to Washington. Of course, this means that after back-to-back years of playing under the franchise tag, Kirk Cousins is now free! So who will give him the payday he has been auditioning for?

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Buffalo Bills

I understand that Tyrod Taylor has his limitations but I love that guy. It seems that the Bills don’t though, with his name continuously emerging in trade rumours (he is contracted with Buffalo for 2018). The offense isn’t loaded with talent and they might be reluctant to pay the likes of Cousins a hefty salary. A relatively new coach and GM could mean the Bills continue to build from the ground up.

Minnesota Vikings

EARLIER in the week, I addressed the Vikings need for a new quarterback with a trio of free agents under center. I talked about the possibility of Cousins landing in Minnesota and it’s not impossible by any stretch of the imagination. Considering the rest of the talent on the roster though, I think that they will look to find a cost-effective solution to run their offense and open their wallets to keep some of their other talents on the team.

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New York Jets

NO offense to the current Jets play-callers but none of them are long-term solutions for success in the long run. Therefore, all the options are on the table and Kirk Cousins is the one that New York will probably gun for the hardest. 9/10 a winning formula in the NFL begins and ends with a good quarterback and Cousins would give the Jets the best starter that they have had in years, and in turn fast forward their rebuild immensely.

Miami Dolphins

NEITHER Ryan Tannehill’s knee or Jay Cutler’s future are going to see the Dolphins in a position to return to the playoffs in 2018, so an alternative plan is well and truly alive. Their cap flexibility right now would also allow them to axe Tannehill and not have any negative financial implications. It would be a bold and huge move, but it would help provide the stability that has long been missing in Miami.

Denver Broncos

SIGN the contract now, this deal is as good as done. Well maybe that’s a stretch yet I think that the Broncos makes sense as the perfect landing spot for Cousins. Ever since their Super Bowl season, they have struggled for consistency at QB and the former Redskin could help them make the leap into a real contender. Good receivers, a great defense and all the other pieces in place Cousins could be the solution to the puzzle.

Cleveland Browns

CLEVELAND is poised with the picks and cap space to go hunting for a veteran QB to add to their depth chart behind rookie DeShone Kizer. All of this hinges of Cousins’ willingness to sign a long-term deal with the Browns of course, not exactly a popular strategy in the NFL. Considering the Browns have their choice of the bunch in the 2018 draft class though I don’t think Cleveland is really in the mix.

Arizona Cardinals

THIS landing spot is probably the most interesting one out of the bunch, only because I’m so uncertain of what the Cardinals’ plan is. With a new coach Steve Wilks at the helm, he could opt to pair Cousins with dynamic running back David Johnson in an effort to keep their championship window open in a post Carson Palmer era. It’s just as likely that he opts to draft or sign a younger quarterback and help build the team he has his heart set on.

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