The Last Time The Denver Broncos Lost Eight Straight Games…

THE first ever NFL game I watched in America was SuperBowl 50. As a Panthers fan it’s not a day I look back on with joy, but rather I remember how the Broncos defense wreaked havoc on Carolina. Fast forward to the present and we are looking at a very different Broncos team. Denver has lost eight straight games, their worst losing streak since they lost nine consecutive games 50 years ago. Here’s a quick look at what was happening the last time the Broncos were at rock bottom.

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THE year 1967 is a famous one in NFL history. It marks the first year that NFL teams were vying for the newly named SuperBowl as the AFL-NFL merger was in process. Green Bay won the coveted first ever SuperBowl over the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 with Bart Starr named the MVP. Here’s what else was going on in ’67 while the Broncos were free-falling down the standings.

  • The first issue of Rolling Stone magazine was released.
  • An average new car cost around $2750
  • Casino Royale was released, the fifth Bond film out of 26. James Bond was played by David Niven
  • For the first time, the Boeing 737 took flight
  • Evel Knievel jumped his motorcycle over 16 cars lined up in a row

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  • Kurt Cobain was born (February 20th)
  • The first successful heart transplant took place by Dr Christiaan Barnard in South Africa
  • Wilt Chamberlain won his first NBA title and third MVP award averaging 24 points and 24 rebounds.
  • Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released by the Beatles
  • Barclays Bank in London gave us the worlds first ATM
  • The Shelby Mustang GT-500 Fastback was released

YOU get it, Denver’s last losing streak this bad was a long time ago. The alarming thing for the Broncos is that there is no end to their pain in sight. Explaining Denver’s freefall to the bottom of the division begins and ends at quarterback. Without a clear starter for the Broncos under center they own a passer rating slightly higher than the Cleveland Browns, good for the second worst in the league.

ONE of the best defensive units over the past few seasons looks like a shell of itself too. With Wade Philips taking up a job in LA, many expected the Broncos to be fine under Joe Woods. Not quite. During their losing streak, they have allowed the most points in the league at an average of 30+ a game. As a result, the storied franchise may have hit it’s lowest point ever.

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IT’S a tough time for Broncos fans to see light at the end of the tunnel. First-year head coach Vance Joseph could find himself without a job, they have over $153 million committed to salaries next season and none of their three QB’s loom as the long-term answer. Facing the Jets and the Colts in the next fortnight, they could and probably snap their losing streak against one of those two. If not though season 2017 has a chance to be the worst ever in the Broncos rich 58-year history.

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