Let’s Find Eric Bledsoe A New Home

NEWSFLASH Eric Bledsoe is done in Phoenix. After year of flirting with the idea of trading the player once dubbed ‘mini LeBron’ Bledsoe seems to have taken matters into his own hands, tweeting out ‘I don’t want to be here’ a few days ago. With a divorce between the Suns and the combo guard inevitable let’s brainstorm potential landing spots.

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Denver Nuggets

STRAIGHT off the bat is a deal that I think benefits both sides. Both Emmanual Mudiay and Kenneth Faried could profit from fresh starts and any negotiations would likely include one or both of those guys. Bledsoe would give the Nuggets another established player after bringing in Paul Millsap this offseason, who can help Denver’s playoff push. Hard pressed to find a better deal than this one.

Detroit Pistons

A straight swap for Reggie Jackson has been tossed around and might entice the Suns. I just don’t see it happening though. The Suns don’t have a ton of leverage in any trade negotiations and youthful guys like Stanley Johnson or Luke Kennard will probably be off the table. Then again a jumpstart for Detroit might be on the cards and shaking up the roster by adding the dynamic Bledsoe could do just that.

Los Angeles Clippers

BEFORE this whole Phoenix Suns debacle begun, Bledsoe spent his days backing up future HOFer Chris Paul in LA. He averaged under 20 minutes a game in his three years with the Clippers and obviously flourished in a bigger role in Arizona. The Clips have some pieces that can facilitate a deal too, with Austin Rivers a prospect that could be included in the negotiations. And we know that DeAndre Jordan would love to have his former running mate back in uniform.

New York Knicks

IF I was the Knicks I would make this deal in a heartbeat. Get Porzingis another scoring threat on the perimeter and flip other little pieces to make the salaries match. Courtney Lee looms as an option for the Suns with the two-guard set to make $11.5mil this season. Another piece like Kuzminskas or Hernangomez plus a lottery protected pick in later years and we could have ourselves a deal. I don’t think New York has enough of the young exciting prospects that Phoenix wants in a trade which will hamper the chances of Bledsoe landing in NYC.

Cleveland Cavaliers

I hate this and personally, I don’t see any benefit for the Cavs making a play at Bledsoe. However, LeBron James started at point guard tonight for Cleveland, clearly highlighting their lack of depth at the 1 spot. Derrick Rose and Isaiah Thomas are hurt with the ghost of Jose Calderon the only other point guard option. Plus, Bledsoe is represented by the same agent (Rich Paul) as LeBron and the two are super buddy buddy. Let’s be honest Cavs GM Koby Altman doesn’t have the final say on what goes on, LeBron does. With the Brooklyn pick and expiring contracts to dangle in front of Phoenix, never say never.

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Orlando Magic

ELFRID Payton hasn’t exactly panned out in Orlando. He’s fine but he can’t really shoot, which is a big concern in today’s NBA. Bledsoe, on the other hand, is a career 33% shooter from deep and has averaged over 20 PPG in his last two seasons. Another bonus is there would be no pressure for Payton to light it up should he land in Phoneix, with the shot hungry Devin Booker flanking him on the wing. Some other contracts would need to be involved in any potential deal with Terrance Ross or Bismack Biyombo floated around as trade bait.

Milwaukee Bucks

THE Bucks may decide that they are ready to win now and if that is the case then trading for Eric Bledsoe gives them another piece to help contend in the East. They have plenty of young talent so they can sacrifice a draft pick or two for the Suns guard and would likely throw in Greg Monroe or John Henson in a salary dump. Reigning Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon might be coveted but should remain out of reach. At the end of the day, I don’t see too much benefit for Milwaukee to make this deal though.

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