A rare tripleheader this week leads to a mammoth 19 game schedule to farewell October. Seven NBA games, 11 NFL matches and Game 5 of the World Series all take place tomorrow with superstars aplenty in action. The early MVP favourite suits up against the Hawks, Kershaw and Keuchel are vying for a crucial series lead and surprisingly, no NFL teams with winning records are playing each other. No pressure Fry, but things could get ugly if you’re off the mark.

Last Sunday Picks: 9 – 7

Overall: 324 – 255

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Milwaukee Bucks @ Atlanta Hawks
THE ever evolving Giannis Antetokounmpo is off to a fantastic start, but it hasn’t translated to a bunch of Milwaukee wins yet. At 3-2 they aren’t doing bad, but a nice cruisy win against an Atlanta team expected to finish at the bottom of the standings is just what the doctor ordered.
Verdict: Bucks W

Does Giannis Antetokounmpo Even Need A Jump Shot? 1Image from jsonline.com

San Antonio Spurs @ Indian Pacers
WHY do I do it? I expected this to finally be the season after 192 years straight of winning that the Spurs showed signs of a slide. Not only have they won four of their first five, they’ve done so without their superstar Kawhi Leonard. Indiana heads into this one without a star of their own in Myles Turner so it will come as a surprise to no one to see San Antonio get win No. 5 on the young season.
Verdict: Spurs W

Denver Nuggets @ Brooklyn Nets
NO one thought the Nets would get off to a faster start than the Nugs. However, with the addition of Millsap, they are still adjusting to their new personnel. There is one issue though with a clear lack of a bonafide point guard (here’s Ryan McDonough’s number). Unless Mudiay learns to shoot or Murray makes a huge leap in his development that will continue to be the place translating to Brooklyn keeping their solid start alive.
Verdict: Nets W

Orlando Magic @ Charlotte Hornets
ANOTHER team that has started better than expected is the Orlando Magic. With Aaron Gordon playing like a hybrid of Kevin Durant and Dominique Wilkins the Magic are sitting at the top, yes the top, of the Eastern Conference. It might not be that big of a claim, but kudos Orlando. It won’t be enough to get by a rejuvenated Dwight Howard and co at home though.
Verdict: Hornets W

Washington Wizards @ Sacramento Kings
I thought that the Sacramento Kings might have gotten off to a better start than they have. Then I remembered ‘Oh that’s right they don’t really have any competent basketball players yet‘. They have young guys who aren’t ready or old guys helping those young guys get ready. The Wizards, on the other hand, may lack depth, but their top heavy stars are some of the best in the league. Maybe it’s because their star two-guard was a WWE wrestler in another life?
Verdict: Wizards W

New York Knicks @ Cleveland Cavaliers
WITH LeBron James taking up point guard duties for the Cavs the wins have dried up recently. Despite their record, we all know that they will be fine once it hits playoff time even if they go 41-41 and have the eighth seed. Back at home for the Knicks, I would expect them to get their mojo back and win their fourth match of the year though.
Verdict: Cavaliers W

Detroit Pistons @ Golden State Warriors
CLOSING out Sunday’s NBA games are the Warriors and the surprising Pistons. Someone has lit a fire under Tobias Harris’ ass that has seen him can over 50% of his shots and 48% of deep balls to average 21.7 points a night. He will get to see up close and personal what hot shooting looks like with a visit to Oracle. I feel like we’re due for a little bit of heat check Steph Curry time too.
Verdict: Warriors W


Cleveland Browns @ Minnesota Vikings
WITH 0 wins in North America so far this year the Browns are venturing to another continent in an effort to get their first triumph. Honestly, I thought they would be better than they have been so far, but with their most consistent and reliable player Joe Thomas now out with a torn tricep things are continually going from bad to worse. The 5-2 Vikings aren’t about to have any pity for them either and will put on a show of their own for the fans in London.
Verdict: Vikings W

Oakland Raiders @ Buffalo Bills
I’M actually very excited and intrigued about this matchup. For a long time, I’ve quietly been a Tyrod Taylor fan. I know he isn’t going to throw 400+ yards, hell maybe not even 200+ yards a game. He plays to his strengths though and the ability to use his feet (4th most rushing yards out of all QB’s) has helped Buffalo somehow reach 4-2 and be right in the mix for a playoff spot. If they are going to win that spot they will likely have to beat out the Raiders who are fighting to recapture the 2016 vibe and string some wins together. This could just become the game of the week and I’m going to be paying close attention to how both sides handle expectations.
Verdict: Raiders W

Sunday Picks - 29th October 1Image from newyorkupstate.com

Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals
I could not care less about this game. No offence intended to the Colts and/or Bengals, but I don’t see either of these teams amounting to a lot in 2017 illustrated by their current combined record of 4-9. I’m giving Cincinnati the edge though and if A.J. Green is up to his usual tricks it might be a big offensive outing for the home squad.
Verdict: Bengals W

Los Angeles Chargers @ New England Patriots
LAST week the Chargers defense slaughtered Denver, recording five sacks, an interception and making Trevor Siemian shit himself about three or four times. This week they face a very different challenge in containing the G.O.A.T himself who is fresh off a win against their SuperBowl foes from a year ago. I don’t think LA will be recording their second straight shutout, but Philip Rivers will keep them in the game long enough to make things interesting.
Verdict: Patriots W

Chicago Bears @ New Orleans Saints
AS a Carolina Panthers fan I can honestly say I didn’t see last week coming. However, after holding the Panthers to just three points I’m not ready to jump on the Chicago Bears bandwagon just yet. Their offense hasn’t been a factor all year and if they are going to beat the Saints then that will need to change. I won’t be holding my breath for a Mitchell Trubisky miracle in NOLA.
Verdict: Saints W

Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets
THE faults that have plagued Atlanta on and off this season came to an ugly head last week against New England. Their offense failed to fire, but a duel with one of New England’s lesser dominant AFC East partners should see the Falcons become winners again. Then again for a team that blatantly underutilizes their best weapon in the red zone, nothing is a certainty.
Verdict: Falcons W

San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles
6-1 hosts 0-7. You do the math. Last week I predicted that the 49ers, who have hung around in a lot of games would come through with the goods and emerge winners. Long story short, they didn’t and they suffered their biggest losing margin of the year to date. You suck Kyle Shanahan. On a side note if you own Carson Wentz in fantasy you’re in for a good day.
Verdict: Eagles W

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
EARLIER in the week, I asked the question what the hell is wrong with Cam Newton? He seems to be battling some inner mental demons right now and as a result, he looks out of whack and has this personal vendetta against the media. On the field, he has been alright but costly turnovers at bad times have the Panthers struggling for consistency. The Bucs aren’t great themselves and their 2-4 record has them looking like a bottom of the league team rather than the ‘Hark Knocks Heroes’ we all expected to see. This one will come down to which quarterback makes the fewest dumb plays and my money is on Cam winning away from home.
Verdict: Panthers W

Houston Texans @ Seattle Seahawks
JUST how good is the Texans rookie play caller Deshaun Watson? We are going to find out on Sunday. Facing the most daunting road trip in the league, Watson and his Houston entourage enter Seattle with their eyes on taking the lead in the AFC South race. The Seahawks are eager to make a run at their own division title, currently owned by the Los Angeles Rams (I still can’t believe I am writing that). The “Legion of Boom” is ready to give Watson a ‘real’ welcome to the NFL, but I expect the electrifying QB to stand up to the challenge. That doesn’t mean they will win though…
Verdict: Seahawks W

101616_SeahawksFalcons_GSH_05.JPGImage from chron.com

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins
ONE of football’s oldest rivalries sees the 3-3 Redskins and the 3-3 Cowboys clash in the battle to stay above .500. Both of them are trying to stay in the playoff picture as we approach midseason and there is no expectation that either will be playing postseason football the way they are going. I have run out of ways to try and describe Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension. All I know is, he will play against the Redskins and he will probably be really fucking good. Hence the result will swing Dallas’ way.
Verdict: Cowboys W

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Detroit Lions
EVERYONE was up and about talking about how the Patriots are back last week, but how about them Steelers? Pittsburgh has looked mightily impressive in the last two weeks after a dismal L to the Jaguars. As we have seen time and time again they are well poised to continually improve closer to December and January and they seem set to do so without the troubled and vocal Martavis Bryant. Detroit is fresh off their bye and are trying to bounce back after a winless past two contests against the Panthers and Saints. Baring any incredible outside factors coming into play they will have to wait at least another week to taste success.
Verdict: Steelers W


Los Angeles Dodgers @ Houston Astros
IT’S fighting that a final MLB game rears its ugly head to mess up my Sunday Picks before the season is done and dusted. The main struggle for my overall record has been baseball, but this one is fairly easy to pick based on two simple words. Clayton Kershaw. My pre-World Series pick for MVP honours will guide the Dodgers to a series lead in Houston as the entertaining series continues to wow.
Verdict: Dodgers W