A Sad End To The Aaron Hernandez Saga

STRAIGHT off the bat let me make something very clear. I do not condone any of the crimes that Aaron Hernandez did, he does not get any sympathy form me, and he deserved his life sentence behind bars he was handed. However, anytime a sport star has a fall from grace like Hernandez and they take their own life, it is still a sad story worth discussing.

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TO paint a quick back story for those of you who don’t know who Aaron Hernandez was, the Connecticut born tight end was a former star in the NFL. After a successful collegiate career as a Florida Gator he was drafted in the 4th round (113th overall) by the New England Patriots. He joined the Patriots with another tight end from the same draft, a guy you may have heard of named Rob Gronkowski.

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AFTER totalling nearly 2000 yards and 20 touchdowns over his first three seasons, alongside Gronk they formed a formidable duo. Hernandez signed a five year $40 million dollar contract extension at just the age of 22 and things seemed to be flying for the tight end. Fast forward to June 26th 2013 and he was being taken away from his mansion in handcuffs charged with the murder of his friend Odin Lloyd. The Patriots responded by releasing Hernandez 90 minutes later and Hernandez was later handed a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Just last week as well Hernandez was on trial for a double homicide, which he was acquitted of last Wednesday. These behaviours surrounding Hernandez and crime/violence had followed the footballer since his juvenile years and it was clear the he didn’t fit the mould a sporting role model should, long before he was charged with murder.

AT approximately 3am Wednesday morning, prison guards found Hernandez hung from his window bars by his bed sheets and he was pronounced dead shortly after, putting an end to the life of the troubled footballer. Stephen A. Smith did a good job of explaining how he didn’t deserve sympathy and shared a thought for Odin Lloyd’s family and friends, who payed the ultimate price. NFL players and other media members have spoken out and shared their thought for Hernandez’s family, while others have shied away from the camera. it is a difficult position as most of his former teammates and football personalities are sad he has passed, yet his tarnished image and reputation makes it difficult to pay their respects after all the bad he has done and the pain he has caused.

IT’S sad to see that someone who had so much going for him at one point in his life has once again shocked the sporting world in a sad, devastating way. Then again the life of Aaron Hernandez didn’t exactly follow the ‘sporting superstar’ script it was supposed to. And now the last chapter of the book has been written.

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