AFTER a week’s hiatus Fantasy Friday’s are back with baseball the main point of discussion. It’s tough to make assumptions based on such a small sample size, but I’m going to anyway. We are just 8/9 games into the season, so let’s make some assumptions!

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– I’M so sorry if you own a Toronto Blue Jays batter at the moment. Seriously how can a team with so many weapons have scored the fewest runs in the entire comp to date!? I understand that they lost Edwin Encarnacion in the offseason, but their 24 runs through nine games is WELL below what was expected from a line-up that boasts Josh Donaldson and Jose Bautista. As expected their 1-8 record reflects their performance so far, but I still have faith they can turn it around.

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– SAM Dyson is the reason my fantasy baseball team is losing, and I know I’m not the only owner who has similar resentment towards the Rangers closer. Dyson hasn’t pitched in the last two games and has an ERA of 33.00 at the moment. Yuk.

– YANKEES 1st basemen Greg Bird was a much hyped riser on draft boards throughout the entire pre-season. He has sat out the last four games after going 1/16 before going 0/4 once returning from injury. Watch this space, he could be a handy addition if owners dropped him in haste and he returns to form.

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– EARLIER in this season Greg Holland was a wavier wire option. Fast forward to the present and he has the most saves in the MLB and has been added by 32% of fantasy GM’s in the past seven days. If he is still available pounce on him before it;s too late as he seems pencilled in as the Rockies* closer for the future.

*DISCLOSURE: The Rockies are overachieving at the moment, so don’t expect the saves to keep piling up, but Holland is still a must add.

INJURY NEWS – Rich Hill, Jackie Bradley, Drew Smyly, Anthony DeSclafani and Carlos Rodon are all on the DL and should be monitored and potentially dropped if you are owners. Carlos Beltran is also scheduled for an MRI after his calf strain is worse than first expected. Be sure to monitor the DL for potential adds as well should owners drop players in haste.