Cleveland Please Don’t Have A Browns Moment On Draft Night

A 1-15 season is a tough pill to swallow for football fans, unless that team is the Cleveland Browns, then it’s kind of expected. Having posted just two winning seasons in the past 20 seasons, failure is something that has accompanied Browns seasons year in, year out. However after being rewarded with the #1 pick in this years draft, surefire defensive stud Myles Garrett seems poised to change the franchise for the better. That is until they decided to channel draft failures of the past, and are rumoured to choose another player.

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THAT other player in question is Mitchell Trubisky, a quarterback out of North Carolina. Trubisky, an Ohio native has expressed his desire to play for his local franchise and after failing to establish a quarterback for the past 2395 years, it is a position of need for the flailing Browns.

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PAST draft failures have plagued the franchise for years. Names like Trent Richardson (3rd overall, ’12), Barkevious Mingo (6th overall, ’13) and Justin Gilbert (8th overall, ’14) headline a crop of forgetful draft choices by the Browns front office. Last year with Hue Jackson (head coach) and Sashi Brown (general manager) taking the reigns Cleveland seemed to make moves to invest in their future, swapping picks to stockpile assests and as a reward they have four picks in the first two rounds this year.

AS established we know QB is an area of need so expect the Browns to pounce early on a QB. Trubisky is likely to be the first play caller off the board, with Deshaun Watson potentially rivalling him for those honours. Regardless of if he is taken early or not Myles Garrett is just way to good to pass up on. He tested off the charts at the combine and is the consensus No.1 pick in less than a month’s time. They can’t let the desperate need for a franchise quarterback blind them from what is right in front of their faces.

ONE of the main benefits of stockpiling so many picks is Cleveland is now in a strong trade position. With their 2nd pick in the 1st coming at #12 Tribusky may very well still be on the board. However, to ensure that they get their guy they could potentially trade up to take the Titans pick at five as the Jets picking at six loom as another team in need of a QB. Regardless of if they can get their hands on Tribusky by trading up or drafting him 12th, they CAN NOT afford to use their first pick on him. Garrett looks like a generational talent and if the Browns are serious about shaking the reputation of drafting duds they start by taking Garrett. Nothing would surprise me on draft night from the Browns, but I really am sick and tired of chipping on them and throwing shade at the struggling franchise. They may not give us a choice if they fail to take my advice on board, but this is Cleveland after all. Pray for the fans sanity.

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