HALF of the NBA teams are no longer in action and NFL is still wayyyyy off starting. Yet, there are still plenty of headlines sifting in from the basketball and football world. Mixed in with Jones V Cormier 2 and some MLB action here’s what we learned last week.

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WE learned that the Celtics may be in trouble. After an emotional Game 1 loss to the Bulls I thought it was a blimp on the radar. However, after dropping Game 2 on their home court as well, things are far from rosy in Beantown. In fact the series to date can be summarised by Jimmy Butler’s block.

WE learned that the Blue Jays can’t score runs. The explosive Toronto line-up that scored the 9th most runs last season is in struggle town in 2017. Granted they did lose DH Edwin Encarcion and Jose Bautista is now 36, but to be ranked last in the majors for runs scored is still a failure on their behalf.

WE learned closing pitcher Greg Holland may help the Rockies to mean something. Colorado haven’t lit the world on fire in their franchise history to date, but Holland and a veteran bullpen is steering the team to relevance faster than many expected. The big question, can the keep it up?

Greg Holland, Dustin Garneau

Image from newsok.com

WE learned that Jones VS Cormier 2 might be coming soon. Since Jon Jones was suspended last July for 12 months UFC fans worldwide have been speculating if he would be granted a title shot straight after serving his ban. According to Dana White UFC 214 in Vegas could very well be the date locked in for the highly anticipated rematch.

AND finally we learned that Mitch Trubisky might really be the #1 pick. No I’m serious. Apparently the Brown are considering taking the quarterback 1st overall instead of potential franchise changing defensive end Myles Garrett. If it was anyone but the Browns we might be surprised, but these brainfarts are almost expected from Cleveland.