I like sport I LOVE SPORT. For as long as I can remember sport has been a massive influence and passion in my life. Another characteristic I have is that I never shut up. Like ever. Seriously, I can talk for days. In high school I was never the smartest kid on the room, but I could always bullshit my way through something. In fact to this day I think that trait helped me pass Year 12 English.

ADD all of that together and what do you get? SportsbyFry, a sports blog run by a balding 24 year old Aussie, with a passion to stay up past his bedtime in order to watch the Toronto Blue Jays or Carolina Panthers, or set his alarm to wake up before everyone else and watch Ohio State or the Cleveland Cavaliers go to war. As SportsbyFry grows and I continue to grow the blog, my knowledge and my writing skills I hope that you enjoy my opinionated pieces on the happenings in the sports world. And if not tell me, I’ll be happy to debate why your wrong until I’m blue in the face.


Alex Fry