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2nd MLB MVP Watch

One third of the MLB season is behind us and we have some clear favourites.

Can The Blue Jays Claw Their Way Back To The Top?

The season is still relatively young, but Toronto aren't where they would like to be.

Chris Sale’s Dominance Continues To Grow

Chris Sale is on absolute fire right now!

How The Hell Can Mike Trout STILL Be Getting Better?

It's Mike Trout's world...we are just living in it.

1st MLB MVP Watch

It's still really, REALLY early, but who doesn't love a MVP race?

Aaron Judge – The Next BIG Thing

The humble giant is one powerful, intimidating mofo when he's in the batters box.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Watch – 1st May

Heading into May which players should you have/avoid in order for your fantasy team to prosper?

Eric Thames Or Eric Flames?

Can the early surprise packet of the season keep up this ridiculous form?

Holland May Help The Rockies Finally Become Relevant

Time will tell if they are the real deal, but right now the Rockies are rolling.

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