The Golden State Warriors’ Redemption Mission Is Inevitable

AS a Cleveland Cavaliers fan questions over our recent play and whether we can flip the switch in the Playoffs doesn’t bother me. Why? Because we’ve already lost. No seriously. Spoiler alert a Golden State title is going to happen, we may as well hand them the trophy now. Trust me, 2017 isn’t going to let any other result happen.

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BUT how can I be so sure? I mean there are a few formidable teams in the NBA that could potentially cause an upset and knock off the Warriors. San Antonio and Houston aren’t easy beats and Cleveland are the defending champs and they may not even be the best team in their conference. It’s not inconceivable to see one of those teams besting Dub Nation, as unlikely as it probably is.

TO further illustrate my point, let me take you back to January 11th, 2016. That was the date that Alabama defeated the then 14-0 Clemson Tigers for the college football National Championship. Following on from Clemson, the New England Patriots (through losing to the Broncos in the AFC championship game and Tom Brady’s suspension), the Cleveland Indians (a Game 7 loss to the Cubs) and the North Carolina Tar Heels (losing the college basketball championship game at the buzzer to Villanova) all experienced the heartbreak of coming so close but still falling short of championship glory. After the Cavs miraculous comeback to stun the NBA and sporting world was complete the Golden State Warriors joined the list despite a record 73 regular season wins and a unanimous MVP award for Steph Curry.

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THEN something magical started happening. Clemson went on to avenge their loss with a last second touchdown to win the National Championship over last years champs Alabama early this year. A few short weeks later the Patriots claimed a SuperBowl victory from a historic position in overtime against the Atlanta Falcons. Then just last week the Tar Heels found vindication for their loss a year ago by winning a national title over Gonzaga. 2017 is the year of ‘avenging the terrible loss from a year ago’ and while the jury is still out on if the Dubs will face Cleveland for the ultimate revenge duel, no-one is denying them the title regardless.

WE are 3/3 so far on the redeem tour tracker and with Kevin Durant back up and running, don’t surprised if Golden State steamroll their way to this years Larry O’Brien trophy with ease. It isn’t all bad news though Cleveland fans, the Indians are bound for championship glory based on this thesis. Didn’t make you feel better? Didn’t think so.

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