Stock Up/Stock Down – 12th April

AS the NBA season winds down and baseball is firing on all cylinders now, I take a look at the teams and players trending up and down in another Stock Up/Stock Down.

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Stock Up

Westbrook’s MVP campaign
I’LL admit a fortnight ago I thought that Westbrook vs Harden was a serious MVP debate. Fast forward to the present day and we have a clear winner. Westbrook ticked off incredible record after incredible record over the past few weeks and then cemented his place atop of this season’s food chain by breaking Denver Nuggets fans’ hearts.

Arizona Diamondbacks
IT’S too early to tell if the Diamondbacks are going to be legitimately good or if this is just a flash in the pan. Their hot start has come against the Giants and the Indians though, which bodes well for their future. Let’s see if they can stay hot against the Dodgers in the coming week.

Minnesota Twins
ANOTHER team that exceeded expectations early in the season, the Twins have an American League leading +16 in run differential at the time of typing. An upcoming series against Detroit and with the Indians looming will tell us if this success is real or fake.

Paul George
THE month of April has been kind to Paul George so far. He is going OFF averaging 33 points a night and single handedly steering the Indiana Pacers up the Eastern Conference standings. Fingers crossed he can keep this hot streak going in a potential match up with LeBron James looming in the 1st round.

Stock Down

Cleveland Cavaliers
SURPRISE the Cavaliers look like sh*thouse right now. After showing out against Boston seemingly abolishing any doubters, they lost to Atlanta who sat their starting five, then lost again to Atlanta despite leading by 26 going into the fourth (that’s not a typo they had a 26 F*CKING point lead) and then lost to the Heat, again blowing an 11 point fourth quarter lead. Yikes.

Sam Dyson

AFTER giving up three runs on Opening Day Dyson then backed it up by blowing a 6-4 lead in the 9th inning against Cleveland. He converted 38 from 43 potential save chances last season, so fingers crossed this is just a small blip on the radar, or things could be getting ugly in Texas.

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Andre Drummond

DETROIT’S big man hasn’t exactly set the world on fire lately. He averaged around 11 points a game in the past month and is shooting just 26% from the free throw line since the All-Star break.

NFL Teams Needing A QB

BAD news for NFL teams that still want a quarterback, there aren’t any. Well that’s not entirely true. Names like Jay Cutler and Colin Kaepernick are still on the market, but the field is drying up quickly. Most teams with desperate need will be looking to the draft from here on out.

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