LAST week I managed to pick two thirds of the games, which I was pretty happy with. NBA action continues to be my Achilles heel and with only two NFL games on Sunday to ‘save’ me the odds are stacked against me. Here goes nothing.

Last Week: 14-7

Overall: 49-26


Philadelphia 76ers @ Brooklyn Nets
THIS may be the worst NBA game played in 2017. Avoid watching at all costs.
Verdict: Nets W

Washington Wizards @ Milwaukee Bucks
I am all aboard the Washington Wizards bandwagon as they seemingly regain form and climb the standings. They face a tough task in slowing the Antetokounmpo/Parker tandem, but an on fire John Wall is the perfect rememdy.
Verdict: Wizards W

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Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Clippers
THINGS aren’t good for Miami. They just lost Winslow for the year and are now facing a Clippers team who are slowly regaining their early season form.
Verdict: Clippers W

Houston Rockets @ Toronto Raptors
AN interesting match up north of the border sees #2 in the East vs #3 in the West. Harden has been on a mission lately, but the Raptors are playing good basketball too. Give Toronto the slight edge based on ‘homecourt’ advantage, but this game could be the pick of the bunch on Sunday.
Verdict: Raptors W

Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies
GRIND it out defense will be on display when the Jazz and Grizzlies clash. With two of the top three defensive teams on display this game may not be filled with highlights, yet the scrappy playoff style of play will mean it goes down to the wire. Memphis.
Verdict: Grizz W

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Phoenix Suns
THE Cleveland Cavaliers will unveil their newest weapon Kyle Korver in Phoenix on Sunday. Pray for the Suns.
Verdict: Cavs W

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Golden State Warriors @ Sacramento Kings
AFTER their disappointing loss to Memphis the other night you already know the Warriors are going to come out with a purpose against the Kings. Sacramento will be like a deer in the headlights.
Verdict: Warriors W

Detroit Pistons @ Portland Trailblazers
TWO teams that should have played yesterday will play the rescheduled game Sunday night in Oregon. Giving Portland the edge for the Lillard/McCollum factor. Interesting question, which one of those two deserve to be an All-Star more right now. Hmmm.
Verdict: Trailblazers W

Orlando Magic @ Los Angeles Lakers
LOS Angeles keep showing glimpses of their future and how good they ‘can’ be in the future. Their youth however, leads to inconsistencies and ultimately means the losses pile up. Orlando don’t look nearly as inspiring, yet their level headed vets should get them the win at Staples.
Verdict: Magic W

NFL Playoffs

Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers
I’VE lost my mind I know. I believe that the Dolphins offense can cause issues for Pittsburgh’s defense and I’m not convinced by the Steelers that they are good. Granted their offense has match winning potential, but we haven’t seen them all click yet all year, and I don’t think it will happen in Miami either. Le’Veon Bell will be were the match is won or lost.
Verdict: Dolphins W

New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers
AARON Rodgers versus the in form defense of the competition. That will be the best matchup we see all weekend. Flip a coin.
Verdict: Giants W

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