Unofficial NFL End Of Season Awards

NOW the Packers and Lions officially ended the season for us the field for the playoffs is set, and the audition period for MVP, Coach of the Year and other end of year awards is over. While it’s good to debate over those award winners the wonderful, quirky things listed below that happened throughout the year are what season 2016 will REALLY be remembered for.


Aaron Rodgers – Week 6 postgame

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DO I really need to say anything? After throwing a team record 39 completions against the Chicago Bears on October 21st, Rodgers channelled his inner ‘Big Lebowski’ stealing Jeff Bridges wool jacket. Full credit to Cam Newton who is the MVP of post game outfits, but Rodgers had his number this year.


Pat McAfee
I searched the internet for the most memorable quote uttered by and NFL personality and found this gem from Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee. Because we live in a world were punters are actually relevant people now, many of you may have seen McAfee celebrate after pulling off this fake punt play.

Which led to Cleveland Browns quarterback turned receiver Terrelle Pryor calling McAfee out on twitter saying ‘Colts punter watching @MarquetteKing film’. McAfee didn’t like being called a copycat and responded with a savage burn. ‘Child please.. I’ve been doing this since before you were a quarterback’. For those that don’t know Pryor was originally a QB in the league, but after failing to succeed, he switched positions to wide receiver with the Browns. OUCH.


Julian Edelman
THE Patriots are loaded with social media savvy guys, one of the most notorious being Rob Gronkowski. However Julian Edelman gets the nod for his hilarious posts and variety of content/social media platforms he uses. He gets the tick purely based on his COPS inspired video with fellow wideout Danny Amendola.


Chris Boswell – Week 9
GIVE Boswell credit he has pulled off this play before and when you are a kicker I’m sure your highlights are few and far between.

But unfortunately his attempt in the pros was not so great.


Patriots vs Bills – Week 8
TEMPTED to go with Odell Beckham’s strange love affair with the kicking net here, but anytime someone throws a sex toy onto the field during a game, that’s probably gonna take the cake.


Landon Collins Pick 6 vs Rams – Week 7
HONOURABLE mentions to Mike Evans, David Johnson, Tyreek Hill and Doug Baldwin, but this year Landon Collins topped them all. Despite the fact that it only came against the lowly Rams, Collins’ ability to evade almost every defender (and teammate) in his path and still manage to trudge his way into the end zone helped swing the game in their favour, and helped the Giants gain momentum that saw them reel off six straight wins in the middle of the year.

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