Who Is On The Trade Block?

With Cleveland trading for Kyle Korver it’s official, we are in trade season! The first relevant trade of the season (sorry Ilyasova & Grant) has churned the rumour mill into overdrive. So what better time to examine the big names on the block, and the likelihood they will be changing colours?

Demarcus Cousins

BOOGIE is the biggest name in trade circles, and has been for the majority of the season. I personally rate him as one of the best, if not the best big man in the entire league, meaning it will be tough for the Kings to come out on top in a trade scenario. As the continue to battle for the 8th seed in the West Sacramento won’t have too much focus on bottoming out, meaning Cousins will stay a King for the time being.

Jimmy Butler

WHY Butler’s name continues to jump up in trade talks baffles me, but nonetheless there are more rumours surfacing about the Bulls moving him. For all his shortcomings, Butler has emerged as a franchise player the past two years and they shouldn’t trade him for nearly anyone.

Jahlil Okafor

FOR months everyone has known the issue the 76ers have. There aren’t enough minutes for their big men. Embiid is a must keep, Ilyasova has produced above expectations and when he has his head on his shoulders Noel is a great energy big man off the bench. That leaves Okafor as the odd man out in Philly. The tough thing is finding someone to take a slow low post scorer on in today’s fast small-ball orientated NBA.

Goran Dragic

WHILE Miami continues to flirt with the idea of tanking Goran Dragic seems like the player most likely to be moved. He would be a perfect fit on a team that needs a scoring playmaker (76ers) and could turn a fringe playoff team into a threat if he is flipped. Expect Pat Riley to hold for now though.

Rajon Rondo

RONDO seems done in Chicago and the bad news is no one wants him. Similarly to Dwight Howard a few years ago, Rondo remains adamant that he should be starting, yet he may be best utilised off the bench. No matter what the returns, the Bulls have to accept they stuffed up, trade him and move on.

Paul Millsap

NOW that Korver is gone from Atlanta and with Teague and Horford leaving in the offseason, Millsap is the only remaining piece from the ‘old’ Hawks. With the franchise transitioning into a different era the time to trade him is now. The Raptors and Pelicans have been calling.

Brook Lopez

EVEN though the future seems bleak for the Brooklyn Nets all hope is not lost. Brook Lopez looks like a capable NBA player this season, expanding his range out to the three point line. While many people think they should trade him for a future asset, they are going to need some veteran guys to help those guys when they do arrive. Brook fits that mould.

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Ricky Rubio

PRESSURE seems to be coming from left, right and centre for the Timberwolves to be great. While a playoff spot was seemingly their aim, they have struggled to 11-25 (good for worst in the West) and are rumoured to be shopping Rubio. Unless they can shift him for a great veteran locker room presence, they should keep trudging forward and focus on developing the kids.

Nikola Vucevic

THERE is no clear answer how to fix the problems the Magic has. They should just move everyone in their front court out of the way and focus on giving Aaron Gordon developing minutes. They won’t though and Vucevic will continue to hamper his development.

Andrew Bogut

IT’S no secret that Andrew Bogut wants out of Dallas, and his inevitable departure seems to be just a matter of time.


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Brandon Knight

TWO’S a party, three’s a crowd. Eric Bledsoe and Devin Booker have established themselves as the starting backcourt for Phoenix demoting Knight to bench duties. Inconsistent form and niggling injuries have dented his output so far, and on the right team he can be a great addition.

Nerlens Noel

LIKE I said above, Noel is a perfect fit as a high energy bench guy. As Philadelphia adds veteran pieces and moves up the standings not everyone one of their young guys can be the cornerstone, so locking Noel into that 25ish minute a game role now is ideal.

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