The Toronto Raptors Need To Get Paul Millsap. NOW!

IF you are any team in the Eastern Conference, let’s be honest you are fighting for 2nd place. As long as LeBron James is breathing his Cavs are destined to take the #1 seed and the Raptors are poised to be one of the East’s remaining teams who will try to claim that #2 seed. The way their current roster is structured they probably won’t be getting past Cleveland if they meet in the playoffs, so they need to swing for the fences and trade for Paul Millsap immediately.

WHY do they need to make this trade? As I mentioned above they can’t beat the Cavs in a best of seven series with this roster and adding Millsap at least provides them with a greater chance of doing so. The franchise is coming off their greatest season ever and it’s not like they are developing young guys who are getting better. If they haven’t reached it already, this teams ceiling is very close. Getting Millsap also shows Kyle Lowry, who is a free agent in the offseason that the team is serious about challenging for a championship and they are in win now mode, which could help them re-sign the star guard at seasons end. Millsap compliments the star duo in the backcourt as well, thanks to his ability to play without the ball in his hands.


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KYLE Lowry and DeMar DeRozan are the teams only untouchables, therfore no matter what else Atlanta asks for they should bite the bullet and manufacture a trade. The Hawks will probably want one of Norman Powell or Terrance Ross as well as a 1st round pick or two, plus some other pieces should it be necessary to match up salaries. Atlanta aren’t going to be title contenders this season, and if the Raptors can entice them with enough young pieces to help them in the long run, there is no reason for them to not do this deal. In the last year of his contract Millsap may not resign should they make this trade, but considering how good their team is, there is no reason not to try take the last step and give themselves the best chance they may ever have to make the NBA Finals and challenge for a championship.

TORONTO has been linked to Millsap for a few seasons now and despite holding a 22-10 record at the moment, they need to go for it, even with Lowry and Millsap entering the free agent market next season. If they can convince this group they are serious about winning a chip they may be able to resign them both, keep DeRozan and storm towards the franchise’s first title. The pro’s just simply outweigh the con’s and Raps GM Masai Uriji has a habit of trying to REALLY win trades. Stop overcomplicating your thinking, it’s quite simple. The chances of this team making the Finals may sit at about 10%-15% but if they add Millsap that almost doubles. Do it, and don’t look back.

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