IT seems more and more likely that the SuperBowl champ is going to come from a tough NFC conference. With five of the six playoff teams (at the moment) claiming wins on the weekend, it’s a tough field to crack into for the teams outside looking in. Here’s what the NFC looks like with three weeks left.

The Seeded

1st: Dallas Cowboys (12-2) vs. Lions, @Eagles

2nd: Seattle Seahawks (9-4-1) vs. Cardinals, @49ers

3rd: Atlanta Falcons (9-5) @Panthers, vs. Saints

4th: Detroit Lions (9-5) @Cowboys, vs. Packers

5th: New York Giants (10-4) @Eagles, @Redskins

6th: Green Bay Packers (8-6) vs. Vikings, @Lions

A week after their second loss of the season, many people, (myself included), were pumping the Bucs up as a threat to derail what has been a dominant Cowboys team. Dallas reminded us why they won 11 straight earlier in the year on Sunday Night, taking care of business against Tampa Bay, which in turn helped strengthen the Falcons spot atop the NFC South. The Giants continued to strengthen their case as a legit SuperBowl contender, halting any chance of a textbook Lions comeback thanks to some Odell Beckham magic. With an expected loss to the Cowboys and win over the Vikings respectively, Detroit and Green Bay should meet in Week 17 with a playoff spot the prize for the winner.

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In The Hunt

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-6) @Saints, vs. Panthers

Washington Redskins (7-6-1) @Bears, vs. Giants

Minnesota Vikings (7-7) @Packers, vs. Bears

MONDAY night’s loss makes things very hard for the Redskins to make it into the playoffs now and Minnesota may as well pack up shop too. The Buccaneers however could claim a wildcard spot should they win both of their remaining games, a feat they should manage. If they pull it off and Detroit trips up and loses their last two games (again something that may very well happen) the Bucs can punch their post-season ticket.

Miracles Do Happen

New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers

THE Panthers and Saints aren’t making it. They need to win out, and have some crazy results fall their way, which includes a Redskins tie. It won’t happen, but stranger things have happened.

Better Luck Next Year

Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers

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