ANOTHER exciting week of matches saw plenty of close finishes as well as some upset victories, dashing the hopes of teams, while others are still left clinging onto hope. Here’s what the AFC looks like with two weeks left.

The Seeded

1st: New England Patriots (12-2) vs. Jets, @Dolphins

2nd: Oakland Raiders (10-3) vs. Colts, @Broncos

3rd: Pittsburgh Steelers (9-5) vs. Ravens, vs. Browns

4th: Houston Texans (8-6) vs. Bengals, @Titans

5th: Kansas City Chiefs (10-4) vs. Broncos, @Chargers

6th: Miami Dolphins (9-5) @Bills, vs. Patriots

THE Dolphins leapt over the Broncos to position themselves in the final wild card spot after their win over the Jets. Oakland were the big winners this weekend too, clinching a playoff spot with their win and a Kansas City loss. Houston’s tight win over the Jaguars means that they retained the AFC South top spot…..for now.

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs

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In The Hunt

Denver Broncos (8-6) @Chiefs, vs. Raiders

Baltimore Ravens (8-6) @Steelers, @Bengals

Tennessee Titans (8-6) @Jaguars, vs. Texans

DENVER easily have the toughest schedule remaining and they look like they are in big trouble. The Titans last second field goal to beat the Chiefs keep them in the picture, and look destined to play for the division title against the Texans in the last week. For Baltimore to be any chance they have to win the game against the Steelers on Christmas Day this weekend, it’s that simple.

Miracles Do Happen

Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo Bills

Both of these teams are mathematical chances to make it, but they need teams above them to lose and they need to both win their last two tough games.

Better Luck Next Year

Cincinnati Bengals, San Diego Chargers, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns