Dream Super Bowl LIII Matchups

THE lull that silences the NFL season around June is a tough time for writers. There are only so many stories you can write on Odell Beckham’s offseason antics and there isn’t an end in sight. So to fill some time in, I’ve chosen my eight dream matchups I’d like to see take place at Super Bowl LIII. Here are a handful of best-case scenarios that would result in a mouth-watering Super Bowl.

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Dallas Cowboys vs. Oakland Raiders

TWO of the league’s premier franchises had down seasons a year ago. Both the Cowboys and Raiders were left out of postseason action, despite being popular picks to go all the way by punters around the globe. I’m not actually sure if both teams got better during the offseason, but either way, it would be interesting to see these two storied franchises clash in Atlanta.

Green Bay Packers vs. New England Patriots

THIS matchup speaks for itself. We haven’t been treated to many Rodgers vs. Brady battles with just two head-to-head games to date. The first one came in 2006 when Rodgers barely played and split time under center with Brett Farve in a 35-0 whitewash, while the second matchup came in November of 2014. It’s time to give the people what they want.

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San Fransisco 49ers vs. Houston Texans

JUST imagine how insane it would be to see Jimmy Garoppolo against Deshaun Watson in a Super Bowl?! I still both teams are a few years and pieces away from truly competing, but there’s no doubt that they are coming. The two young bright stars look destined to usher in a new era of quarterback and they are both well positioned to make a run at the Vince Lombardi trophy if things go accordingly to plan. Why wait?

Minnesota Vikings vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

10 years have passed since the Pittsburgh Steelers last won a Super Bowl, even though they made a losing appearance in 2010. Minnesota Vikings fans are still waiting. The respective No. 2 seeds in last year’s playoffs failed to advance to the final game of the season last year, instead being forced to watch the Patriots and Eagles clash for the crown. It would be nice to see Ben Roethlisberger have one more crack before he retires and Minnesota have more than paid their dues. This might be the most likely one on the list.

Dream Super Bowl LIII Matchups 2Image from sportsnet.ca

Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots

IT makes perfect sense. The Falcons infamously surrendered a big lead in Super Bowl LI to give Tom Brady his fifth championship. They failed to make it back to the big game last year and New England wasn’t able to go back-to-back. This matchup would set the stage for an epic, with Atlanta out for revenge and the Patriots trying to make it two titles in three seasons (and three in five seasons as well). This year’s Super Bowl is being held in Atlanta as well. It’s perfect.

New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots

THIS one if my personal favourite for obvious reasons. The Saints were cruelly robbed of a spot in last year’s Super Bowl after Stefon Diggs changed the course of history with his game-winning TD in the divisional round of the postseason. If this matchup were to come to fruition it would pit the best two offenses from a season ago against one another and would give us a mouthwatering matchup of Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees. Don’t count this one out as a legitimate possibility.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

IF you don’t want to see a game between the two best offenses of 2017, maybe one between the two best defenses interests you? You probably won’t be tuning in to this one for the Kirk Cousins vs. Blake Bortles fireworks but there are awesome names throughout the defense. Don’t expect a shootout, but with so many playmakers on the other side of the ball, a Jags/Vikes Super Bowl would be far from boring.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Buffalo Bills

FOR one franchise this matchup would end all of their heartbreak and be a Sunday to remember. Both Minnesota and Buffalo are 0-4 in the deciding game, with neither team having made it back to the big dance in 25 years. The Bills definitely have their work cut out for them if they are going to make it all the way to the Georgia Dome for the final game of the season. Then again miracles do happen

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