Never Forget That ‘Blank’ Is An NBA Champion

JUST a few short days ago Nick Young became an NBA champion. JaVale McGee now has two rings. This is the world we live in. The duo will live on as fan favourites long after their playing days are complete and winning a title means they are forever a part of history. Don’t forget though, cult heroes of the past have paved the way for today’s icons, with some of them are still infamous for a variety of reasons.

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Eddy Curry, Miami Heat (2012)

AFTER his disastrous stint in New York, Eddy Curry wasn’t expected to return to the NBA. Upon shedding a huge amount of weight he found himself on the 2011-12 Miami Heat. Don’t be fooled into thinking he was a factor though, failing to log a single minute during the playoffs. True legends like Charles Barkley and Karl Malone must hate Curry, who lazily stumbled his way to ‘become’ a champ. Life isn’t fair sometimes.

Scot Pollard, Boston Celtics (2008)

PERSONALLY, I remember Scot Pollard for his days on Survivor more than in the NBA. He was also better known for his haircuts over his actual performance on the hardwood. ‘Samurai Scot’ pieced it all together for a while in Sacramento, but he was more of a cult icon than a basketball star. Still, he is an NBA champion and I’m not, well done Scot.

J.R. Smith, Cleveland Cavaliers (2016)

HE needs this right now. Fresh off his now infamous brainfart we tend to forget that he already owns a ring. He didn’t have a Finals to remember in 2018, but the 2016 run was another story. He made a career-best 205 treys in the regular season and played a crucial role against the Warriors. After their 0-2 start, Smith scored in doubles figures for the rest of the series canning 16 3’s in total. Keep your chin up J.R. they can’t take 2016 away from you.

Brian Cardinal, Dallas Mavericks (2011)

THE Custodian is the first iconic Brian who makes an appearance on our list. Helping Dirk and Jason Kidd take down the new Superteam in Miami saw Cardinal become an NBA champion for the first and only time in his 12-year career. His per game averages of 4.6 points and 2.3 rebounds don’t scream legend, but not many people will forget him soon. Anyone who can manage to average as many points as he can fouls (2.3) in the Finals is alright by me.

Darko Milicic, Detroit Pistons (2004)

FOUR players taken inside the top five of the 2003 draft are 10x All-Stars and four of the five as own an NBA ring. Melo is on one of those lists and Darko Milicic is on the other. Being taken 2nd overall amongst other NBA stars has made the Serbian famous for all the wrong reasons. However, he did manage to beat peers like LeBron and D-Wade to winning the first title. Milicic seems content serving out his days on an apple orchard and doesn’t care what you think of him. He still owns a 2004 championship ring.

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Brian Scalabrine, Boston Celtics (2008)

DNOT many people forget the ‘White Mamba’ who became one of the most loved characters in the early 21st century. Scalabrine had plenty of classic moments, with none greater than his post game press conference after winning a chip in ’08. His breif stint as an assistant furhter cemented his legacy as a classic, now working with Boston as a television analyst. All hail the White Mamba.

Adam Morrison, Los Angeles Lakers (2009-10)

OF course, any list of memorable stinkers who rode coatails to a title needs to be graced by Adam Morrison. His memorable Gonzaga career never translated to the pros, even though he was technically a two-time champion. However, to say he was a passenger is an understatement seeing just 285 minutes of court and 13 in the playoffs over his two seasons in LA. This is how Wikipedia summarises his glorious stretch with the Lakers.

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