2018 NBA Finals Game 4 Recap

IT was always going to happen. Sitting here 12 months ago when the Warriors won the 2017 NBA title we wondered if anyone was good enough to take them down? Fast forward to the present and we have our answer. Three title in four years completes Golden State’s dynasty and to be honest, we could be sitting here 12 months from now writing the same story. Shit.

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EARLY on it was clear that the Warriors were out for blood. Steph Curry didn’t want the series to return to Oracle burning the Cavs for nine points in just a few minutes to start the match. He was a man on a mission early but the home team didn’t give up fighting their way back into the contest. It was short lived though as another Warriors surge saw Dub Nation take a nine-point lead into the first break.

THE second quarter was very similar with the Cavs storming back even taking the lead at one point thanks to a balanced scoring effort. Of course, the inevitable Warriors run came and Golden State held the same nine-point advantage when action stopped again. Entering a crucial third period the Cavaliers offense faltered, meaning the Warriors were able to build on their lead and start to celebrate. The starters stayed in for much of the fourth to ensure another title was heading to the Bay and even though 4:03 still remained on the clock when LeBron checked out (for the last time as a Cav perhaps?) the game was over.

IT was party time in San Fran at that point and a few minutes later it became official. With their third NBA championship in four seasons, the Warriors joined illustrious dynasties of the past like Jordan’s Bulls, Bird’s Celtics and Duncan’s Spurs as some of the best teams we have ever seen. Durant was voted the Finals MVP for the second straight year, despite Steph Curry dropping 37 in Game 4. The win saw him join Jordan, LeBron and Kobe as back-to-back winners, removing any doubts over KD being an all-time great.

OBVIOUSLY, the biggest question moving forward is what LeBron will do with his future. He’s officially a free agent now and every man, woman and dog is ready to voice their opinion over where ‘The King’ will call home in 2018. After watching the miserable effort his supporting cast put forward nothing is out of the question in my mind, however, I think it taints his legacy if he leaves again.

THAT being said Cleveland doesn’t have a ton of cap space to lure other talents in an effort to give him another ring. Kevin Love, the 8th overall pick in this year’s draft and maybe Rodney Hood are tempting trade pieces, but they might not be enough to move the needle the Cavs way. On the other side of things, there’s no reason to think the Warriors won’t complete the three-peat, leaving 2016 as a great ‘what-if’. They need to address some pieces on their bench, but I have faith that the majority of the roster will be back for another go around.

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YOU won’t be surprised for me to tell you as a Cavs fan I was bummed with last night’s result. Not only am I upset about my team’s L though, now we are forced to wait over four months until another relevant game of basketball will be played. However, the draft and free agency period of the year fascinates me and I will be glued to the rumour mill. watching every offseason move. James’ decision forces the collective NBA to hold their breath leaving NBA executives paralyzed until he makes ‘The Decision 2.0′.

EVEN though a Warriors’ three-peat will be everyone’s popular pick for the 2018-19 result, these boring playoffs proved they’re vulnerable. It will take a near perfect storm, but it’s not out of the question. If Chris Paul didn’t get hurt things could be have been very different this June. However, they deserve this moment. From start to finish this season they haven’t wavered from their mission and they sent a message to the league. We should all be afraid.

Peace ✌

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