AFL Fantasy 2018 – Round 10 Wrap Up

EVEN though I scored 100 points less than the week before, I still managed to move up in the rankings. Part of me feels dirty for offloading over $400K to get Macrae, but it certainly helps me to sleep at night. Anyway, this week isn’t about a potential future pig, it’s all about a past one.

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My Team

2076 – The year Rafael Nadal finally lost the French Open
SHOUTOUT to Luke Ryan who might be the form player of the Large Fry’s and Coke right now. The rest of my premiums did their job with some big numbers from Laird, Titch and McLean offsetting average games from Neale, Jacobs and Gawn. I need Sam Murray to return and let me make the moves I want to make, but otherwise not bad. 7.3/10

AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 10 Wrap Up 1

Plus 3’s

Toby McLean, MID/FWD, $732K – 152
ALL eyes were on his superstar teammate Macrae, but Toby McLean stole the show on Friday night. It’s no secret that the Pies give up a ton of points and McLean wasted no time, starting the game on fire and storming to one of the best scores of the round. Could he be the best forward in 2018? Hard to argue right now.

Angus Brayshaw, DEF/MID, $592K – 166
ANOTHER youngster turning heads in Round 10 was Angus Brayshaw. A career and round high 166 (!!!) came during Melbourne’s drubbing of the Crows, but Brayshaw has been getting it done for a number of weeks now. Top-5 trade target.

Ben Jacobs, MID, $509K – 114
THERE were a few guys that I could have targeted with my third +3, but I think Jacobs deserves a shoutout. After doubling in price this season the Roos youngster peaked with a huge 114 on the weekend. If you’ve had him all season take a bow, Jacobs is legit.

Negative 3’s

Lance Franklin, FWD, $635K – 51
A lot of people thought that Bud was going to go HAM on the Lions this weekend. He did not. He scored 133 last time he met Brisbane, but in Round 10 Franklin was nowhere near as good. He’s still a top-6 FWD in my eyes and no one should overreact and rage trade him, but still, owners want more from Buddy.

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Tim Taranto, MID/FWD, $583K – 50
A number of factors, including his mediocre 50 points against the Bombers will see taranto be one of the main guys traded out this week. With Josh Kelly back in the lineup, Taranto’s numbers seem set to dip and further rubbing salt into the wounds, he spent time on the pine with a quad complaint. Trade.

Sam Jacobs, RUC, $546K – 49
ANOTHER player who looks destined for a spell is Adelaide’s ruckman, Sam Jacobs. Big Sauce hasn’t been getting it done with three scores under 80 in the last three weeks. Even if he is named he’s on thin ice.

Noteworthy Numbers

PREMIUM midfielders returning from injury own some of the highest breakevens in the league. Rory Sloane (163) is the highest with Josh Kelly (147) and Gary Ablett (145) right amongst the worst. Max Gawn’s (156) bad game hurt his money making ability and Jack Macrae (139) might go down for the first time this season after up just $6K last round.

WE may have missed the boat on Tim Smith (-36) who owns one of the lowest BE’s I’ve seen in a LONG time. Saints trio Logan Austin (-16), Bailey Rice (-11) and Ed Phillips (-4) will all be popular trade targets along with Bombers youngsters Jordan Ridley (2) and Matt Guelfi (11).

Quickfire Trade Thoughts

IN – OPERATION ‘Get Rocky’ (MID/FWD, $545K – BYE) is underway for every coach in the country. Tom Rockliff seems ripe for the picking shaking off his injury woes and the bye. Don’t sleep on David Zaharakis (MID, $731K – 143) as well, who is averaging a shade under 130 in his last 3. I’ve got my eye on him after an impressive month or so. I like the looks of Andrew Gaff (MID, $735K – 154) and Michael Walters (MID/FWD, $557K – 125) too.

AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 10 Wrap Up 3Image from

ST Kilda dominates rookie talk with defenders Logan Austin (DEF, $222K – 97) and Bailey Rice (DEF, $225K – 75) the most likely to be traded in. Be careful as any defender wearing a Saints jersey scored well on the weekend against the Tigers. Other guys mentioned in the breakeven section, Jordan Ridley (DEF, $239K – 46) and Ed Phillips (MID, $288K – 74) will also be sought after with Stefan Giro (MID, $170K – DNP) widely expected to make his debut for Freo.

OUT – THE late omission of Paul Seedsman (DEF/MID, $629K – DNP) burned a lot of coaches and he isn’t expected to be back anytime soon. Another bad performance or two from Lachie Neale (MID, $676K – 62) and he could find himself on the outs with Robbie Gray’s (FWD/MID, $665K – DNP) role likely to be watched by all 38,000+ owners and then some.

TOPPED out rooks like Jeremy Finlayson (DEF/MID, $401K – DNP), Sam Murray (DEF, $495K – DNP) and Nick Coffield (DEF/MID, $386K – DNP) were all dropped last week. It gives you a perfect reason to move them on and chase an upgrade in your defense. The other main offender who is currently the most traded out player is Geelong’s Tim Kelly (MID, $477K – 57). He may even be rested by the Cats and has served his purpose by making you a ton of money.

Looking Ahead

  • TOUCHING on injury news and first up is Callum Mills. The Swans defender suffered a season-ending foot injury during the week in an accident after training. Bachar Houli might be set for some time on the sidelines with a sore groin and Sandilands could be due for a spell after suffering a concussion on the weekend. The saddest injury news of the week was Esava Ratogolea with the Geelong big man tragically breaking his ankle.
  • JAKE Carlisle is set for a holiday with his hit on Jack Riewoldt seeing him cop a two-match ban. Willie Rioli’s status was a concern after making contact with an umpire, but he has since been cleared.
  • MY trades this week are very vanilla getting Rocky in for Kelly. Tim has been terrific but it’s time to go. The other move will be getting Rice/Giro in for Langdon/Guthrie. Leaving me to pray and hope Sauce and Murray play. If Murray’s out I’ll be forced to field Pearce for one more week, but it’s worth it to get Rocky into my side. For now…

Good luck in Round 11!

Peace ✌

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