Recreating the Dream Team vs. the Vic’s 10 Years Later

I saw something earlier today about the 10 year anniversary of the 2008 once off Dream Team vs. Team Victoria match. The showcase was held a decade ago on the 10th of May to celebrate 150 years of footy. I then saw the AFL’s piece later and was bummed because I wanted to write one. However, they chose a 2018 edition of the Dream Team and Vics based on players’ form this season, leaving plenty of notable names out of the side. So instead, I’ve given people the lists they really want to see, creating the best possible 22 for both teams.

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FOR the purpose of these teams all injuries are magically healed and everyone’s suspensions are lifted. This allows us to REALLY pick the best available players.

The 2008 Sides

IT would be unfair if I didn’t at least pay homage to the O.G. teams from a decade ago.  Seven of the guys who took place are still playing today, with many of the former legends having retired now. Here’s how the two sides stacked up in the awesome clash with Team Victoria taking out a 17-point win.

Victoria, 2008
FB: Campbell Brown, Matthew Scarlett, Darren Milburn
HB: Heath Shaw, Trent Croad, Jarrad Waite
C: Brent Harvey, Sam Mitchell, Adam Goodes
HF: Ryan O’Keefe, Jonathan Brown, Robert Murphy
FF: Steve Johnson, Brendan Fevola, Daniel Bradshaw
FOLL: Troy Simmonds, Jimmy Bartel, Chris Judd
I/C: Josh Fraser, Luke Power, Paul Chapman, James Kelly
Nathan Foley, Scott Pendlebury, Joel Selwood

Dream Team, 2008
FB: Graham Johncock, Ben Rutten, Craig Bolton
HB: Andrew McLeod, Matthew Pavlich, Adam Cooney
C: Matthew Richardson, Daniel Kerr, Shaun Burgoyne
HF: Simon Goodwin, Cameron Mooney, Daniel Motlop
FF: Brett Burton, Lance Franklin, Leon Davis
FOLL: Dean Cox, Peter Burgoyne, Kane Cornes
I/C: Nathan Bock, Jamie Charman, Joel Corey
Mathew Stokes, Brett Kirk, Corey Enright, Ryan Griffen

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TO be clear the 2018 edition of these sides might not be the best ‘team’, but instead, they include the best ‘players’. Of course, team structure and role will play a factor, but at the end of the day, I want as many big names in the side as I can possibly get!

Victoria (2018)

FB: Jake Lloyd (Swans), Daniel Talia (Crows), Kade Simpson (Blues)
HB: Michael Hibberd (Demons), Michael Hurley (Bombers), Sam Docherty (Blues)
C: Scott Pendlebury (Magpies), Adam Treloar (Magpies), Andrew Gaff (Eagles)
HF: Patrick Dangerfield (Cats), Jeremy Cameron (Giants), Marcus Bontempelli (Bulldogs)
FF: Luke Dahlhaus (Bulldogs), Tom Lynch (Suns), Eddie Betts (Crows)
FOLL: Max Gawn (Demons), Dustin Martin (Tigers), Rory Sloane (Crows)
I/C: Jackson Macrae (Bulldogs), Stef Martin (Lions), Clayton Oliver (Demons), Gary Ablett (Cats)

Missed the cut: Brodie Smith (Crows), Joel Selwood (Cats), J.P. Kennedy, (Swans) Toby McLean (Bulldogs), Robbie Tarrant (Roos), Jake Lever (Demons)

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IT’S no surprise to learn that Victoria is littered with star midfielders. In fact, they are so spoilt for choice that household names like Joel Selwood and J.P Kennedy can’t squeeze into the side. Like I said above I wanted to try and stick to a stereotypical best 22, but I couldn’t help but load up on engine rooms champions. Danger and the Bont on opposing forward flanks is a terrifying prospect with the back-6 clearly another strength.

Dream Team (2018)

FB: Elliot Yeo (Eagles), Alex Rance (Tigers), Jason Johannisen (Bulldogs)
HB: Jeremy Howe (Magpies), Jeremy McGovern (Eagles), Rory Laird (Crows)
C: Isaac Heeney (Swans), Bryce Gibbs (Crows), Isaac Smith (Hawks)
HF: Lance Franklin (Swans), Jesse Hogan (Demons), Dayne Zorko (Lions)
FF: Michael Walters (Dockers), J.J. Kennedy (Eagles), Luke Breust (Hawks)
FOLL: Brodie Grundy (Magpies), Nat Fyfe (Dockers), Tom Mitchell (Hawks)
I/C: Lachie Neale (Dockers), Taylor Walker (Crows), Stephen Coniglio (Giants), Harry Taylor (Cats)

Missed the cut: Ollie Wines (Power), Ben Brown (Roos), Daniel Rich (Lions), Chad Wingard (Power), Jack Riewoldt (Tigers), Patrick Cripps (Blues)

MAYBE it’s the non-Vic in me, I love the makeup of the Dream Team. By no means are they as deep with midfield talent with Stephen Coniglio able to find a way onto the bench. They are deep at every position though, with Fyfe, Mitchell and Gibbs forming one of the most complete midfield groups imaginable. An imposing forward line with six combined Coleman Medal’s and perhaps the next star key forward in Hogan spells doom for defenses.

Who Would Win?

THE question has to be asked right? Like I said I do like the on paper depth that the Dream Team has. That being said, Victoria’s midfielders are so incredible that they could throw more than a handful of matchup curveballs, largely thanks to Danger and Dusty. The defenders for Team Victoria are awesome as well, although I can’t see them combatting that Dream Team forward line. The DT has attacking players all over the ground, which would mean the Vics need to be switched on at all times. It’s close and just like 10 years prior a modern day version would be an epic battle. I’d still pick the Dream Team to get over the line by two or three goals.

Peace ✌

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