Should the New York Giants Actually Consider Trading Odell Beckham Jr?

FOR the right price anyone in the NFL can be traded, even a star of the league like Odell Beckham Jr. Earlier in the week reports and rumours started to surface that the New York Giants would be open to trading Beckham, for the right price of course. He is entering the final season on his rookie deal and is demanding a huge payday next offseason. So it makes sense that Dave Gettleman is listening to offers for the wide receiver stud as the debate rages over the idea of trading Odell Beckham.

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Why They Should Trade Him

WITH Odell coming off his rookie deal he is set to make a boatload of cash starting next season, and he well and truly deserves it. I could spend the rest of this article listing the NFL records that Beckham owns, with the Giants wideout quick to establish himself as one of the best receivers in all of the NFL. With over 4,000 receiving yards and nearly 40 touchdowns to his name in just 47 games, it’s easy to see why he is in high demand.

SINCE Beckham entered the league in 2014 only two players average more yards per game than him, Julio Jones and Antonio Brown. Jones is slated to make about $14.5 million this upcoming season and Brown is the highest paid receiver in the league, earning $17 million in 2018. Beckham will likely demand a similar payday, which will be a massive pay rise from his current paycheck. For the upcoming 2018 season Beckham will make just over $8 million after earning $10.4 mil in his first four seasons in the league.

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JUST because Beckham is such a prestigious talent doesn’t necessarily mean that New York should do everything they can to keep him. If New York opted to move Beckham on not only could the Giants demand a king’s ransom in return, it would give them a ton of financial flexibility moving forward. Not being tied to Beckham’s big deal would give them options once Eli Manning eventually calls time on his career. Having salary cap flexibility is always a good tactic and plan of attack for a front office.

Why They Shouldn’t Trade Him

THAT being said, Odell is a special kind of talent and there’s no doubt that having him on your team makes life easier for whoever is under centre at quarterback. He’s a true star and has that ‘it’ factor about him, capable of swinging a game with a single play much like Aaron Rodgers or J.J. Watt. Those type of players don’t exactly grow on trees so even if the Giants aren’t in the Super Bowl conversation for the next few years, losing him to another team could put them back years.

IF Beckham did sign long-term with New York next offseason then his big contract doesn’t have to be a poisonous one. Should they choose to take a QB with an early pick in this year’s draft or at worst in 2019, for the next four years that player could become a bargain on their rookie contract. Team’s spend years trying to build a decent receiving core for their team and with Beckham spearheading the charge, New York would be in good stead for years to come.


A handful of teams could use Beckham’s brilliance on their squad for the foreseeable future. The Los Angeles Rams are the team that has been linked to him the most since the rumour mill started churning out his name. Apparently, New York is asking for two first-round picks for Beckham, a price that a team like LA could be happy to pay.

PERSONALLY, if I was running the Giants I would be tempted to move Odell Beckham. There is definitely merit in trading him away while his value is sky high, especially with his new contract looming. Superstar receivers are great players to have on your team, but they aren’t the type of player who is capable of single-handedly winning you a Super Bowl.


WITH the likes of Sterling Sheppard and Evan Engram emerging as solid young pass catchers, if Beckham was bounced things wouldn’t be incredibly dire. Brandon Marshall comes off the books at the end of next season too, meaning that A) they could resign him for cheap, B) there is a bit more space in the salary cap to sign another guy or C) that gives more reps to the likes of Sheppard, Engram and anyone else they may draft, allowing them to potentially become a star of their own.

IT might seem like a big deal moving a player of Odell’s stature, but it’s the type of move that could really work out in the long run for the Giants. Of course, keeping him his also fine and New York really holds the power in any potential negotiations. One thing is for certain these rumours aren’t going to die down anytime soon.

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