Richard Sherman Is Down, Are The Seahawks Out?

THIS 2017 Seahawk team isn’t the one I thought we would be seeing. All signs pointed to a big year that could potentially reap another SuperBowl appearance and even the franchises second title. At 6-3 they have limped to the midpoint of the season and now they will have to finish the rest of the year without Pro Bowl corner Richard Sherman.

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SHERMAN’S absence leaves a gaping hole in one of the best defensive units in the entire league. With Pro Bowl talent at virtually every spot, Seattle’s best 11 may look star-studded on paper, but that hasn’t translated to them being a menacing, dominant squad that opposing offenses fear. They are in the top 10 for most defensive stats but haven’t cracked the top five in most either stopping them from being viewed as an upper-echelon group.

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THEY haven’t got much help from their offense either with Seattle miserable running the ball in the first half of the year. The stats look slightly inflated thanks to Chris Carson’s form before his injury but they only have two rushing touchdowns for the whole season with Miami (0) the only team with fewer. Thankfully Russell Wilson has been playing like a god to keep them relevant and in the playoff race.

A trade to keep that aforementioned holy quarterback healthy is one that could have had much larger ramifications on their season’s title hopes than they first thought. When they first pulled the trigger the original deal would have seen Duane Brown arrive in Seattle to give them help on their offensive line and cornerback Jeremy Lane leave town and join the Texans. Somewhat thankfully though, Lane failed his physical meaning he was no longer part of the deal.

BY no means is Lane a superstar, losing his starting spot to Shaquille Griffin earlier in the season. He does give them much more stability at CB than they would have had if he was shipped away though and he will be their second starter for the back end of the year now. Make no mistake they are much worse off without Sherman healthy, especially given how wishy-washy their form has been to start the year. They still have enough talent on their roster to win 10 or 11 games, but the loss of one of the leagues best corner’s will make their SuperBowl ambitions all that much harder.

IF we have learnt anything from this year early on though it’s to expect the unexpected though and in this weird 2017 anything is still possible. Five of their last seven foes are sitting at .500 and better so if the Seahawks want the division crown or to snap up a wildcard spot at worst they will have to certainly earn it. Without a good running game, a stabilised offensive line and now Richard Sherman’s presence, life just got a whole lot tougher for Seattle though.

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