MY reputation is well and truly on the line this weekend. As we near the business end of the NFL season there are matches between teams that will quickly sort out who is legit and who has just been fluky. I’m riding a five-week streak above .500 and this weekend looms as a dangerous one if I’m off the mark.

Last Sunday Picks: 9 – 6

Overall: 382 – 288

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Orlando Magic (9-14) at New York Knicks (11-10)
THE early season success of the Magic seems like a lifetime ago as they slide down the East standings. If the Knicks are a genuine playoff team then they need to win the games they are expected too and I think that they will take care of Orlando at MSG.
Verdict: Knicks W

Golden State Warriors (17-6) at Miami Heat (11-11)
GOLDEN State appears to be human as expected after such a long successful run. It’s hard to fire yourself up for early season games when the playoffs are your ultimate goal. That being said I’m still not a fan of the Heat and unless Waiters pulls out another clutch shot, then the Dubs leave Florida victorious.
Verdict: Warriors W

LA Clippers (8-13) at Minnesota Timberwolves (13-10)
SORRY Clippers fans, with your superstar out for a few months things are going to go from bad to worse.
Verdict: Timberwolves W

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San Antonio Spurs (15-7) at Oklahoma City Thunder (9-12)
THE basketball factory that is San Antonio gained a healthy Tony Parker the other day and Kawhi Leonard is now supposedly close as well. Even though they will boost the Spurs upon their arrival the rollercoaster Thunder will come out swinging and win here.
Verdict: Thunder W

Houston Rockets (17-4) at Los Angeles Lakers (8-14)
THE two records tell you all you need to know here. I don’t think Lonzo and Co can cause an upset as the MVP favourite, James Harden leads the Rockets to win number 18.
Verdict: Rockets W


Minnesota Vikings (9-2) at Atlanta Falcons (7-4)
I’M hype for this matchup. Legit. This game will shape the season for the Falcons and Vikings as the playoff race heats up. Atlanta is rolling right now and as the NFC South continues to intrigue us I’m going all in on the Falcons.
Verdict: Falcons W

New England Patriots (9-2) at Buffalo Bills (6-5)
THIS game spells danger for the Patriots. The Bills aren’t world beaters, but at times this season, they have looked as good as their division rivals. I’m predicting this to go down to the wire and the final score to resemble something like a 17-14 game. You can’t pick against Brady and Belichick otherwise, they will burn you.
Verdict: Patriots W

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San Fransisco 49ers (1-10) at Chicago Bears (3-8)
THIS game signals the beginning of the Jimmy G 49ers era. That also means that the Bears will probably lose their ninth game of the year. There’s no need to talk any more about this game.
Verdict: 49ers W

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7) at Green Bay Packers (5-6)
WITH Aaron Rodgers return imminent the Packers are clinging to some faint playoff hope. Beating the Bucs with Jamies Winston returning under center would help them keep the dream alive, but I’m predicting a Tampa win to end their dreams.
Verdict: Buccaneers W

Houston Texans (4-7) at Tennessee Titans (7-4)
MARIOTA vs. Watson would have been a fantastic game. This one however, will not be with Tommy Savage attempting to save the Texans season. Spoiler alert he won’t.
Verdict: Titans W

Denver Broncos (3-8) at Miami Dolphins (4-7)
DO not waste your weekend by watching a single snap of this game. The revolving door that is the Broncos starting QB’s against a similar mess at quarterback means you should change the channel.
Verdict: Dolphins W

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Kansas City Chiefs (6-5) at New York Jets (4-7)
I don’t know how to feel about this game. The Chiefs free fall and the Jets overachieving so far this year paints a weird picture for this Week 13 matchup. Eventually, Kansas City has to halt their slide and I think this weekend is the one.
Verdict: Chiefs W

Indianapolis Colts (3-8) at Jacksonville Jaguars (7-4)
TWO teams with very different stories on the season square off with losing streaks. The Jags are the easy pick, but after Blake Bortles did his usual thing last weekend Jacksonville found themselves on the wrong side of the score sheet. They will make amends this week.
Verdict: Jaguars W

Detroit Lions (6-5) at Baltimore Ravens (6-5)
EVEN though I think the Ravens will make the playoffs and the Lions will not, there is one clear winner here. At the end of the day no matter how good Baltimore’s defense is they need to put a winning score on the board and that won’t happen against Detroit.
Verdict: Lions W

Cleveland Browns (0-11) at Los Angeles Chargers (5-6)
AS the Chargers continue to mount their case for a playoff berth it’s unlikely their progress is halted by the lowly Browns. Expect LA to move to .500 when this one is done.
Verdict: Chargers W

New York Giants (2-9) at Oakland Raiders (5-6)
I don’t want to talk about this due to the fact that I’m still pissed over how the Giants have treated Eli Manning this week. I hope the Raiders murder Geno Smith and the rest of New York’s squad.
Verdict: Raiders W

Carolina Panthers (8-3) at New Orleans Saints (8-3)
FULL disclosure I am a passionate Panthers fan. However, I think they can win this matchup. It’s very hard for a team to beat their divisional foes twice in the same year and with the Saints faltering slightly and with Carolina’s defense firing on all cylinders then the Panthers move into the top four NFC seeds.
Verdict: Panthers W

Los Angeles Rams (8-3) at Arizona Cardinals (5-6)
I’M all for the LA Rams playoff push, but they have to lose a few more times before the season ends. They aren’t good enough to win out and after upsetting the Jaguars last week the Cardinals will go back-to-back this week.
Verdict: Cardinals W

Philadelphia Eagles (10-1) at Seattle Seahawks (7-4)
A few weeks ago this shaped up as one of the best matchups of the season. With the Eagles being tested for the first real time in weeks many are expecting a close game. The Week 13 Seahawks aren’t the same as they have been in the past and therefore another L is coming their way while Philly continues to surge.
Verdict: Eagles W