FOR the first time in a long time I can say that I only chalked up one loss last weekend. Granted it came on a seven game slate of MLB and NFL, but I’ll take it. The climb back to chalking up a better record is alive and well!

Last Sunday Picks: 6-1

Overall: 258 – 200

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Chicago Bears @ Tennessee Titans
THE 1-1 Bears do battle with the 1-1 Titans in the first NFL game of Sunday. Both squads are etching closer to deploying their full strength teams in the third week of the preseason and my money is on the Bears to get a win on the road.
Verdict: Bears W

NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona CardinalsImage from

Cincinnati Bengals @ Washington Redskins
WITH the Bengals coming to town the Redskins continue their tune up for the regular season. It’s unlikely that Dalton and Cousins will go head to head for long and I have the Redskins pulling away for a victory.
Verdict: Redskins W

San Fransisco 49ers @ Minnesota Vikings
WEEK three of NFL preseason action closes with a less than inspiring match between the Vikings and 49ers. While both teams may struggle in season 2017 they will both be eager to kill it and cruise into the final preseason match as winners.
Verdict: Vikings W

Carolina Panthers v Minnesota VikingsImage from


Seattle Mariners @ New York Yankees
AFTER tearing off seven W’s in their last 10 games, the Mariners are once again in wild card calculations. To really lay a claim one a postseason berth they should get over the Yankees.
Verdict: Mariners W

Colorado Rockies @ Atlanta Braves
ALTHOUGH the Rockies have split the series so far with the Braves they have looked pretty shaky lately. The can’t afford to keep losing games if they want to claim a playoff spot, but I think they’ll struggle on Sunday.
Verdict: Rockies W

Chicago Cubs @ Philadelphia Phillies
LAST years World Series winners still haven’t sewn up their division title and are still in danger of missing out on postseason action. A big win over the Phillies should help restore the faith though.
Verdict: Cubs W

Milwaukee Brewers @ Los Angeles Dodgers
APPARENTLY the Dodgers are mortal after all. They lost to Justin Verlander earlier in the week, but are still on track to record the best win to loss ratio in a single season. That’s all you need to know for this one.
Verdict: Dodgers W