Painting The MLB Playoff Picture Version 1

THERE are just over six weeks left in the MLB regular season. Therefore, the time for some teams to push for the postseason is well and truly on, with teams already out of contention and others either surging or struggling to lay claim to one of the five spots in their conference. If this comes as news to you (spoiler alert) the Astros and Dodgers are not going to miss out on postseason action, but some of the other spots are still well and truly up for grabs.

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American League Division Race

AL East Leader: Boston Red Sox
AL Central Leader: Cleveland Indians
AL West Leader: Houston Astros

HOUSTON has all but sewn up the AL West title, with the next closest team (the LA Angels) nearly a dozen games off the pace. The Indians and Red Sox don’t have as healthy a lead though, with the likes of the Royals/Twins and the Yankees breathing down their respective necks. However, any lead is a good lead and they remain in the driver’s seat to hold their position’s down.

American League Wild Card Race

1st AL Wildcard: New York Yankees
2nd AL Wildcard: Los Angeles Angels

LA is en fuego right now, riding a six game winning streak that has launched them back into playoff contention. The Yankees have long been considered a favourite to steal a Wildcard berth, but have gone just 5-7 in the month of August to date allowing the door to be sprung wide open. Minnesota has two tough series coming up with the Indians and Diamondbacks that could define their season while the Royals also face Cleveland in two series to close out the month with the 66-52 Colorado Rockies sandwiched in between.

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National League Division Race

AL East Leader: Washington Nationals
AL Central Leader: Chicago Cubs
AL West Leader: Los Angeles Dodgers

IT took them a while, but the Cubs have found their mojo at the right time of the season. As they try to defend their World Series title, Chicago has gone an impressive 18-10 since the All-Star break steering themselves into pole position over their division rivals (Cardinals, 1.5 games behind and Brewers, 2.5 games behind). Washington’s closest rival Miami remains over 13 games behind them with Los Angeles running out to a huge lead over the Rockies and Diamondbacks. Both the Nationals and Dodgers will win their divisions barring a record breaking, ridiculous collapse.

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National League Wild Card Race

1st NL Wildcard: Colorado Rockies
2nd NL Wildcard: Arizona Diamondbacks

WE are facing a realistic possibility of three NL West teams making the postseason with the Rockies and Diamondbacks five games ahead of the next closest conference foe St Louis (61-57). The Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers (61-59) could still claim their division or even take out one of Colorado or Arizona, with neither of them dominating the MLB right now. The two NL Central squads play each other in the final series of the season, which could very well determine if one of them steal a wild card place.

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    1. It’s like watching LeBron in his early years struggle to make the Cavs relevant. Everyone loves to see the best player in the league in the playoffs.

      1. Absolutely. At least LeBron was grafting in a sport that gave him a fighting chance. Trout can’t do it alone, he needs the Angels to build a deep, talented team behind him.

  1. Yeah, very good point, hopefully it’s the turning point for the Angels and they can start competing. Would be a shame if Trout missed the postseason more times than not.

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