2nd MLB MVP Watch

A month is a long time in baseball. In fact due to length of time that has passed injuries have dropped some players out of the race completely, while a familiar name slides down the rankings. No surprise the Astros form is rewarded and the Nationals slip ups might start to cost their star’s trophy chances.

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National League

Outside Looking In: Kris Bryant, Charlie Blackmon, Corey Seager

4. Ryan Zimmerman, Washington Nationals
FOR the 2nd time this year Ryan Zimmerman ranks behind his Nats teammate, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t having an impressive year. He is hitting more baseballs per plate appearance than any other baseballer (.365) which is always a good indicator of success. A slow end to May and a sluggish June for the whole Washington team isn’t helping his case immensly, but his start to the season was ridiculous.

3. Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies
WHILE the bullpen is a massive factor contributing to the success of the Rockies, Nolan Arendo’s stardom is just as important. One of the most popular fantasy baseball choices early in drafts every year is still contributing in areas across the board. He is among the league leaders for home runs and RBI’s and batting % and as Colorado continues to pile up the wins, it only betters his MVP chances.

2. Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks
ABSENT from our top four last time, Paul Goldschmidt is back amongst the fold were he belongs. Much like the Rockies the Arizona Diamondbacks keep finding W’s currently owners of the 4th best record in the National League. With an OBP of over .530 through June so far, Goldschmidt could very well make his way to the top of the list soon, dethroning….

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1. Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals
WASHINGTON was always going to find it hard to replicate their early season form, but even though the team is somewhat slumping, Bryce Harper is still Bryce Harper. The highlights are slightly drying up for the former MVP winner, and his batting percentage is taking a hit after an average May that included 20 strikeouts. However, his start to the season was so good the No. 1 spot is still his….for now.

American League

The Field: Francisco Lindor, Miguel Sano, Corey Dickerson

4. Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox
THERE is plenty of daylight between 3rd and 4th on this list, although Mookie Betts is doing his best to close the gap. His numbers don’t exactly scream MVP candidate in part of the Red Sox un-impressive campaign so far in 2017. They are gathering steam though, and in turn, so is Betts with just four strikeouts in 44 plates appearances through June so far.

3. Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels
MIKE Trout has been so good this year that even though he is out for six-eight weeks he can’t be put any lower on this list. Before injuring a ligament in his left thumb, Trout had put together his best statistical season to date, which is saying something of the 2x MVP. He’s still lurking, don’t be surprised if he climbs upon his return from injury.

2. Carlos Correa/Jose Altuve, Houston Astros
I kind of cheated here, but it’s my list. Sue me. Both Correa and Altuve remain high up on the AL MVP rankings (Altuve slightly ahead of Correa) thanks to the Astros 44-21 record, but they deserve their placing. They are both inside the top in the 15 AL for runs, hits, batting average and on base percentage. If Houston continues to chase a record W total don’t be surprised if one of these two are named the most valuable player.

2nd MLB MVP Watch 2Image from houstonchronicle.com

1. Aaron Judge, New York Yankees
495 feet. That’s how long Aaron Judge hit a home on Sunday against the Orioles, giving him 20 for the year. The game before he mashed number 19 for the year, which left his bat at 121.1 mph, making it the hardest-hit home run since the started recording that stat. Put simply Judge is hitting harder and longer than anyone we have seen at the tender age of  25. He leads the major league in a ton of categories (home runs, runs, OBP, SLG) and leads the AL in batting average (.344) and RBI’s (47). Oh in case you forgot, he’s still a rookie. Just sit back and appreciate.

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