Can The Blue Jays Claw Their Way Back To The Top?

TORONTO has enjoyed plenty of sporting success in the past few years the Raptors are enjoying the best stretch in their franchises history and the Blue Jays are competing deep into October in the quest for their 3rd World Series crown. The start of the season came with plenty of inconsistencies though, with injuries playing a big part, but as they regain their healthy MVP can they begin their climb back to the top in baseballs toughest division?

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AFTER finishing above .500 for three straight seasons everything came to fruition for the Blue Jays last postseason. They made it all the way to the American League Championship series, but lost to the Cleveland Indians in five games. From their a huge part of their offense Edwin Encarnacion departed, to join Cleveland nonetheless and all of a sudden their ageing list didn’t look as dominant as they thought it was.

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MANY experts predicted that the Blue Jays would take a step backwards, but no one saw the early struggles they had being so severe. They fell to 2-11 in the blink of an eye scoring over five runs just three times as their offense failed to show up. Making matters worse they lost 2015 MVP Josh Donaldson just nine games into the year, with another key part of their offense, Troy Tulowitzki joining him on the DL just seven games later. It was going to be hard for the Blue Jays to work their way back to normality, but two series wins over the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees near the start of May followed by a series sweep against the Mariners boosted their record. Again runs scoring was a key part as they scored four or more in seven of those 10 games. Run scoring has become a staple of Toronto’s success in the last few seasons and their climb back towards the top of the MLB food chain will be dictated by their scoring once again.

HAVING won nine of their past 11 matches they look like they are back at their run scoring best averaging 5.7 runs and clicking as a unit. This offensive power they have showcased lately is what we expected from Toronto and while it’s a promising sign their is a long road ahead. And although their is still roughly two thirds of the season left they will need to maintain this scoring if they want to make it three straight post season appearances. This week gaining both Tulowitzki and Donaldson back into their line-up is huge for those prospects and at 27-28 they are nearly back at .500. The only problem is they still find themselves at the bottom of the AL East. The Yankees (31-21), Orioles (29-24), Red Sox (29-25) and Rays (29-28) have had good starts to the year as well and thus they all find themselves boasting decent records. If the Blue Jays were in any other division they would find themselves 3rd (with the exception of NL West were they would be 4th). They are midway through a series with the Yankees at the moment and a series win would help them immensely as they race back up the standings. The only questions is can they keep up this pace and continue to give the Blue Jays fans a reason to cheer.

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