WITH an MLB dominated Sunday Picks closing out the month of May the illusive 200th W gets closer and closer. Personally I’m just happy that I’ve been above .500 for the past few weeks, but I’m really chasing that BIG weekend to boost my numbers. Could this week be the one? Probably not….

Last Week: 11-8

Overall: 185-122

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Oakland Athletics @ New York Yankees
WITH 245 runs the Yankees lead the American League in scoring. Against the Athletics though the offense has stalled with just four runs from seven hits, yet they still find themselves in a position to win the series. My guess is they fall just short.
Verdict: Athletics W

Texas Rangers @ Toronto Blue Jays
FINALLY the Blue Jays look like the playoff team we expected them to be this season. It helps that they regained starters Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki in this series and the Blue Jays should sweep on Sunday.
Verdict: Blue Jays W

Sunday Picks - 28th May 1Image from thestar.com

Kansas City Royals @ Cleveland Indians
WEREN’T the Cleveland Indians meant to be World Series contenders this season? Those kind of teams aren’t meant to be on the verge of being swept by the likes of the Royals. Those teams also shouldn’t own the worst home record in the American League, 3rd worst in all of baseball. Time to turn the corner Indians.
Verdict: Indians W

Los Angeles Angeles @ Miami Marlins
SINCE mid-April the Angeles lead the American League with an ERA of 3.65. Their starting pitcher Matt Shoemaker (4-2, 3.97 ERA) is riding a three game winning streak in which he has only allowed three runs and struck out 21 batters. Sorry Miami.
Verdict: Angeles W

Seattle Mariners @ Boston Red Sox
HEADING into Sunday’s match the Mariners have lost seven of their last eight and the Red Sox have won six in a row. You do the math.
Verdict: Red Sox W

San Diego Padres @ Washington Nationals
ANOTHER maths lesson Washington is 30-18 with the 3rd best record in baseball. San Diego on the other hand is 18-33 with the prospect of facing former Parde Joe Ross (2-0, 5.32 ERA). Enough said.
Verdict: Nationals W

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Cincinnati Reds @ Philadelphia Phillies
TWO sub .500 teams meet in the City of Brotherly Love with the Reds looking to win a series at Philadelphia for the 1st time since 2006. Starting pitcher Scott Feldman (3-4, 3.99 ERA) will get the job done.
Verdict: Reds W

Detroit Tigers @ Chicago White Sox
A bizarre weekend for the White Sox and the Tigers comes to a close with Miguel Gonzalez (3-5, 4.55 ERA) and Jordan Zimmerman (4-3, 5.86 ERA) starting for the respective teams. My money is on the hot White Sox batting lineup to prevail.
Verdict: White Sox W

Arizona Diamondbacks @ Milwaukee Brewers
WITH the Brewers snapping their losing streak last time out against Arizona they are back on top of the National League Central standings. Closing out the series with another W is a great way to create a cushion from the rest of the division.
Verdict: Brewers W

Tampa Bay Rays @ Minnesota Twins
THE Twins 26-19 record doesn’t have much to do with Kyle Gibson’s (1-4, 8.62 ERA) contributions. He hasn’t had a game with less than three earned runs yet this season, but last time out chalked up his 1st win of the year. Here comes #2.
Verdict: Twins W

Baltimore Orioles @ Houston Astros
I love this Houston Astros team right now. Their studded bullpen led by a high octane offense has them positioned atop the MLB standings and there are no signs of slowing down. They close out a lengthy homestand against a decent Orioles lineup, but there should be no problems here.
Verdict: Astros W

St Louis Cardinals @ Colorado Rockies
WHILE the Astros have looked stellar the Colorado Rockies are snapping right at their heels with the best record in the National League. Once again the superior team prevails.
Verdict: Rockies W

Atlanta Braves @ San Fransisco Giants
JOHNNY Cueto (4-4, 4.64 ERA) has been linked to trade rumours recently after the Giants struggles opening the season. Whether he gets dealt or not a good showing here will boost any potential trade value and give the Giants a much needed victory heading into next week.
Verdict: Giants W

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Chicago Cubs @ Los Angeles Dodgers
CLAYTON Kershaw (7-2, 2.01 ERA) is starting for the Dodgers against the Cubs. Therefore Chicago will receive loss #24 for the year, it’s really that simple.
Verdict: Dodgers W

New York Mets @ Pittsburgh Pirates
A duel between two struggling pitchers closes out Sunday’s slate of games. The Mets starter Matt Harvey (3-3, 5.36 ERA) has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this season, while Tyler Glasnow (2-3, 6.69 ERA) of the Pirates has struggled with his consistency. I’ve got the Mets winning this one, with Harvey turning in a much needed good start.
Verdict: Mets W