Playoff Lebron Made A Rare Early April Appearance

LEBRON James was quoted yesterday saying “…I’m not one to get caught up in the regular season. I’m sorry. I’ve been to six straight Finals, man. I’m the last person to ask about a regular-season game, dude. Sorry.”. He was of course referring to the Cavs upcoming match against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. James’ Cavs have been subject to plenty of scepticism and doubt about their play over the past month, but in one 39 minute clinic though he erased all (ok most) of the questions surrounding his team.

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THE game drew plenty of attention with both squads locked at 50-27 in a battle for the number one seed in the Eastern Conference with just five games remaining. Trailing by one after the 1st quarter fans thought we might actually see a decent game. A 22-4 run in six minutes by the Cavs effectively erased all hope of a nail bitter. Lebron accounted for 12 points, three boards a pair of assists, a big block on Marcus Smart and four high fives with Celtics fans during that tear. Sure he said that regular season contests might not matter, or garner his attention, but his play suggested something else entirely. His performance came without starting center Tristian Thompson, on the 2nd night of a back-to-back, and, as mentioned above, with Cleveland looking very ‘un-defending champion like’.

WHAT did we expect though? How many times are we going to ask question about Lebron and his team and speculate if they are in trouble or not. Perhaps luckily for him and the Cavs the East isn’t as intimidating as the West, but still with teams hot on their heels doubters emerged (myself included). We do the same thing with San Antonio, counting them out year after year only to see Popovich and Co go on a deep playoff run and make us all look like amateurs.

ALL the signs last night pointed to the Cavs coming up short. They were IN Boston without their starting center, on a back-to-back, with massive playoff implications pending on the result. Yet, once again we were given a brief insight to playoff Lebron and a reminder that he is a different beast entirely. Everyone should be afraid, because he’s coming.

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