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WE learned that this year Final Four is unlike any four we have early seen. The two schools that clash in the first game this Saturday are making their debut in the Final Four. Gonzaga and South Carolina have both taken very different paths to the last weekend of the season, but both are destined to make the championship game on their maiden attempt. Heavyweights and title favourite North Carolina are looking to atone for last season shortcomings, losing the championship game at the buzzer. They meet with an Oregon team who is back in the Final Four for the first time since 1939 and has overcome plenty of adversity and injury woes to make it this deep into the tournament.

This Year's Final Four Epitomises The Madness Of March 2Image from thenet24h.com

WE learned that the Oakland Raiders will become the Las Vegas Raiders by 2020 at the latest. Owner voted on relocating the team after they failed to strike a deal to keep the team in Northern California. Owners also voted to ban players jumping over the line of scrimmage to block extra points and field goals to benefit ‘players safety’.

WE learned that Devin Booker has his own unique place in history now. Booker’s 70 point game against Boston captured headlines for good and bad reasons, but regardless of if you think he chased points and the Suns did things to help him pad his stats a 70 points is 70 fucking points! Only five other players in NBA history have scored as many points and Booker did so at the tender ago of 20. We’re in trouble.

WE learned that the Cleveland Cavaliers are in strife. Their putrid defense has been on display plenty before they were blow out of the water by San Antonio on Sunday night. Over the course of the season Cleveland gives up 106.8 points a night, which is the 10th worst in the league. To put that in perspective Orlando and Sacramento give up fewer points. Yuk.

AND finally we learned Stephen A. Smith and LaVar Ball might headline the next UFC card. An aggressive shouting match, similar to a child arguing with their parent over a new toy, took place last Thursday between the two. The father of UCLA prodigy Lonzo and up and coming high schoolers LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball, LaVar continued to support his brash, outlandish statements saying that he would still beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1 because Jordan’s ‘too small’ and LaVar’s ‘too big and too strong’. Following that up LaVar said if you switched Steph Curry and his son Lonzo that Curry would shoot UCLA out of the the game, and get bullied because he is too small and can’t run and jump like his son Lonzo.

You can’t knock his confidence, but my god this man won’t shut up! Never change LaVar, never change.