Is It Crazy To Have CO-MVP’s?

WE are no closer from separating Russell Westbrook and James Harden as the MVP winner with under 10 games remaining. So it’s time to start thinking outside the box. Awarding CO-MVP winners could be the solution we need to resolve the ongoing debate. Both players have had phenomenal, ridiculous season statistically and both have led their team in their own unique way to the postseason.

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REALISTICALLY only two guys can win the award this season. Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs are clearly an elite team, but Leonard doesn’t have the numbers or storyline similar to Westbrook and Harden. He is having one of the best two way seasons we have ever seen, but these two are on another planet. I don’t think we can reward  Lebron after the struggles his Cavs have has this year too. Especially in the months of January and March.

Kobe Bryant most recently suggested the idea of sharing the Maurice Podoloff trophy, stating it’s hard to come up with a rational decision of who should be MVP. Westbrook’s triple double binge has infatuated the basketball world and Harden’s numbers are equally mind blowing. In my last argument I gave Harden the edge purely based on his team’s record, but as the season continues to wind down we are waiting for one to seperate himself from the other as the clear favourite. The reason Harden’s team has a better record than Westbrook’s is because Harden is surrounded by better players. It’s really that simple.

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SO if team record can’t split them and their video game like stat lines are to absurd to comprehend how do we split them? Simply put, we don’t. Both superstars deserve the award so why do we have to split it? We have seen multiple winners of the All-Star MVP before in 1993, 2000 and 2009, so why not share the regular season award? Answering all these questions is one simple thing. Change. Everyone is afraid of change and no one wants to be the first players to share the MVP award. If Westbrook and Harden do the same thing they have done all season over the final week and a half though, we may not have a choice.

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