Arrivederci Tony Romo

12 months ago NO ONE would have predicted the events that played out yesterday. After an unfortunate pre-season tackle and a ROY winning season from Dak Prescott, Tony Romo is no longer the answer for the Cowboys at quarterback. The 36 year old Romo is a four time Pro Bowler, the franchise leader in touchdowns and passing yards and on Thursday will no longer be employed as a Dallas Cowboy.

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ENTERING the 2016 season it was no secret that Romo’s health was a concern. Season 2015 saw the talented signal caller play just four games and the Cowboys suffered as a result. But when Romo went down with an injury in a preseason game against Seattle in August last year, many feared it was the end. Luckily for fans the 135th pick from last draft Dak Prescott stepped into the starting role and starred. He led Dallas to a 13-3 record, at the same time emerging as the franchises QB of the future.

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DALLAS were faced with a difficult decision on if they should bring Romo back into the line-up once he was healthy or stick with Prescott. They opted for option two, which translated to their quick playoff exit. There’s no knowing if they would have lost those games is Romo was under center instead of Prescott, but Romo’s resume meant the conversation had to be had. Every since going undrafted in 2003 Tony Romo has become one of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation. It took until 2006 for him to earn a start, but when he did he lit the NFL up with too many amazing and clutch plays to recall. Throwing for over 34,000 yards in his career to date (putting him in the top 30 all time) and nearly 250 touchdowns (21st all time with 248 to date) the past dozen plus seasons seem to have flown by for Tony Romo, who now must prepare for life after the Cowboys.

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THERE is no doubt that Romo is still a coveted quarterback in the NFL, and won’t struggle to find a home taking snaps somewhere else. The question is who will take a chance on the future HOFer? Personally I feel like the Texans and Broncos are just a decent quarterback away from being potential SuperBowl threats, but salary cap constraints and other issues will play a factor. Regardless of his landing spot, you can’t take anything away from the 13 years of service that Tony Romo gave the Dallas Cowboys franchise. Take a bow Romo, no go get that coveted championship ring.

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