Who Should Pursue Tony Romo?

AFTER Dak Prescott’s stellar season at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, everyone is wondering if there is a need for their four time QB Pro Bowler Tony Romo anymore. A preseason injury forced Dallas to start the rookie Prescott over Romo, with Dak leading them to the 13-3 record this season. Romo’s departure isn’t a forgone conclusion, but it’s fun to pretend right? Here’s a look at the 10 teams who could best use his services and the likelihood he will be suiting up in their colours next season.

Staying In Dallas

JUST quickly, there is still the possibility that Dallas and Tony Romo decide not to part ways. If they get rid of him then they are in a vulnerable position, just one injury away from immediately being out of championship contention. Prescott is their QB of the future that much is certain, but he could still learn from Romo who probably doesn’t want to be a permanent bench warmer though. If you could convince him to ‘buy in’ for the good of the team the Cowboys could very well be 2017 Superbowl champs.

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Not Impossible

Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, Jacksonville Jaguars

The four teams listed above all stand a chance of landing Tony Romo, even if it is a small chance due to their need at the position and having the assets necessary for a trade. I doubt a 36 year old Romo will want to spend a few seasons helping to re-build these franchises. He wants a ring.

6. New York Jets

NEW York needs help. They started three different quarterbacks in 2016 who threw a combined 16 touchdowns and 25 interceptions. It’s unlikely the Jets are a ‘Tony Romo’ away from competing in the Superbowl, and I don’t know about you, but going to a division that’s home to Tom Brady and the Patriots doesn’t seem like the best path to victory either.

5. Chicago Bears

THERE is no doubt that Chicago needs to move on from Jay Cutler. Doing so would free up $13 million in cap space that they could use to acquire Romo, or sign him should the Cowboys cut their losses. The Bears have a reasonable core group with good depth at receiver. Yet, like the Jets, I don’t see Romo signing with a team that isn’t in immediate championship contention when he puts pen to paper.

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4. Washington Redskins

COULD the Redskins really part ways with Kirk Cousins? Maybe. After throwing for a Washington Redskins franchise record and career best 4,917 yards last season it would seem a reunion is just a matter of time, but never say never. If there is an opening at the Redskins for a play caller, Romo could very well be under center for them next year.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

THIS is my personal favourite spot for Romo. No disrespect to Alex Smith, who led the Chiefs to a great season but he isn’t Tony Romo. Kansas City has a versatile offensive line-up and paired with Romo they create a formidable threat for the AFC crown. He could be the difference between another 1st or 2nd round exit from the playoffs and claiming the franchises first Superbowl.

2. Houston Texans

REGAINING J.J. Watt will help perhaps the best defense in the league, easing the pressure on whoever is the Texans quarterback next season. After a woeful 2016 Brock Osweiler hasn’t exactly sewn up the job and with Romo added to the talent offensive group a Superbowl is a realistic goal. A three headed monster of Romo/Hopkins/Miller on offense with Watt on defense shapes as one of the most exciting and dangerous rosters in the NFL next season.

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1. Denver Broncos

JOHN Elway believes that the Broncos are close to another Superbowl even though they failed to make the postseason this year. Adding Romo would be an expensive short term option that could have the ultimate payoff though. After all it worked in 2013 with Peyton Manning right?

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