NBA Trade Rumors: Will These Four Superstars Get Moved Before The Trade Deadline?

WITH less than 24 hours to go until the NBA trade deadline, the rumour mill is going into overdrive. Ever since DeMarcus Cousins was shipped to New Orleans everyone has been waiting for the next major domino to fall. These four superstars have been strongly linked to being moved before Thursday’s deadline, so let’s break down the chances they are wearing new threads for the second half of the season.

Carmelo Anthony Won’t Be Traded

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AT the end of the day Melo holds all the chips in any trade discussions thanks to his no trade clause. He is unlikely to find his way onto the Cavs, despite Kevin Love’s injury and the Celtics have shown greater interest in Jimmy Butler and Paul George. The Clippers may be his most likely destination, but they are unlikely to break up their core. Anthony seems content to stay in New York even though the organisation would happily move him.

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Blake Griffin Won’t Be Traded

Linked to – Celtics, Thunder

WHAT I would give to see Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook on regular fast breaks in OKC! The Thunder probably lack the pieces to facilitate a deal and the Clippers have no real reason to break up their core. Once Chris Paul is healthy again, they have a chance to make a deep playoff run. If they fail this postseason though, then the Thunder should come asking once more and may be able to get a deal done.

Jimmy Butler Will Be Traded

Linked to – Lakers, Celtics, Sixers

I personally believe that the Celtics are going to land Jimmy Butler. I have gone back and forth on this decision a number of times, but really, what have the Celtics got to lose. The Bulls may want two of either Crowder, Bradley, Brown or Smart AND the Brooklyn pick this year. While the Brooklyn pick is likely to be in the top three and those players above are great pieces, the Celtics can’t get past Cleveland without Jimmy Butler. Why bank on the chance that the draft pick is a star in a few years time instead of trading for one with a contending team right now? Reports have emerged in the past 24 hours that the teams remain divided on which exact players are involved too, but Boston should part with whoever they have to (with the exception of Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford) to get a second All Star. This deal may get done at 2:59pm before the 3pm deadline, but expect it to get done regardless.

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Paul George Maybe, Probably, Most Likely Won’t Be Traded

Linked to – Lakers, Celtics, Sixers

IF  the Celtics decide that they want Paul George instead of Jimmy Butler, a similar deal to the one above could land the Pacers superstar in Boston green. But with the Celtics focused on Butler, the interesting team involved in talks are the Lakers. The Californian born George has been linked to the LA franchise for the past 12 months and as his impending free agency approaches it might be wise for Indiana to trade him while his value his sky high. If Los Angeles offer the Pacers a good trade package with perhaps a 1st round pick (the one they received from Houston for Lou Williams) and say Brandon Ingram, and maybe even Jordan Clarkson as well, it would be VERY VERY tough for Larry Bird to turn this down.

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