The Ultimate Guide To Trading Carmelo Anthony

IT’S over. Carmelo Anthony’s career as a Knick is in shambles. While he is still saying all the right things and insists he wants to stay with the team, the direction the franchise is going in and the shortcomings they are experiencing with him on their roster mean the two have reached their expiry date. Melo can still contribute to teams in the right scenario though and there are a few teams that he would fit in with perfectly. Below are the 10 teams that he has been linked to, or could use his help.



THERE is no real reason for OKC to go after Melo with the Thunder lacking the pieces necessary to try and facilitate a deal. They would probably have to part with either Adams or Oladipo in any proposed trades, which may do more harm than good for the team.


Melo might not fix their issues, but this may be a move for both teams to move on from their respective failures. Any Melo to the Bulls trade would likely involve Rondo and his two-year, $28 million dollar contract which would likely led to Rondo being bought out. The Bulls need younger, star pieces moving forward sand Melo doesn’t fit that description.

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PERSONALLY this is my favourite spot for Melo. The defensive juggernaut that is Memphis could use a consistent scorer to pair with Gasol and Conley. A few expiring contracts and picks plus Chandler Parsons is about all the Grizzlies have to offer which probably won’t get the job done.



NOT going to happen. The Knicks want a Melo for Love swap and the Cavs have no reason to pull the trigger on a move like this.


WHAT a reunion this would be! Melo spent the first half of his career with the Nuggets and left the Mile-High City as a villain. Denver oozes trade assets and could easily workshop a deal that New York would be interested in. It’s only right that he returns to the team and rights things with fans, leading the Nuggets back to relevance.

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MELO meet your perfect scenario. The young hungry Phoenix team needs to pair their star backcourt duo of Devin Booker and Eric Bledsoe with another weapon. Melo could slot nicely into the three or four spot and still be considered the teams alpha dog. Flick the Knicks Brandon Knight, Alex Len or Dragan Bender and P.J. Tucker with maybe a draft pick and you may have yourselves a deal.


ON his podcast the other day Bill Simmons suggested a Carmelo for Jahlil Okafor and Ersan Ilyasova trade that is tempting for both parties. Throw in one of the 3728 picks that Philly has and New York might bite. Good luck convincing Melo to join the 76ers though.



IF Paul Millsap isn’t available why don’t the Raptors go after Melo? They would have to convince him to come North of the border and he would best suit the team playing the four spot, but this would at least give the Raptors a chance of getting past the Cavaliers in the playoffs. Imagine an Eastern Conference Finals with Lowry, DeRozan and Melo vs. Irving, LeBron and Love.


COULD the LA Big 3 become a Big 4? The Clippers are on the record saying that any trade for Melo wouldn’t involve Blake Griffin, Chris Paul or DeAndre Jordan, and they still have the pieces to make a trade. J.J. Reddick and Austin Rivers are the teams two biggest trade chips that could be donning a Knicks jersey sooner rather than later.

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BOSTON is shaping up as the most likely destination for Melo with a shit ton of draft picks available for trade. Wing rotation guys like Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown are all solid enough to entice the Knicks. The Celtics have nine draft picks from other teams in the next four drafts including a slew of first rounders in 2019 that can fast forward any trade talks.


THANKS to a Phil Jackson brain fart, Carmelo Anthony holds all the cards in any trade negotiations because of his no trade clause in his contract. While personally I would love to see him join a rebuilding team and fast forward their progress, Melo is getting traded to a contender, more likely than not the Celtics or the Clippers. While a deal could be workshopped it is likely that a third team will have to get involved for one of those two to secure Melo’s services. I am praying that Boston doesn’t get involved with any deal as they are hitting their straps with the roster they have and possess a bright future. The Clippers however should pull the trigger. They aren’t getting past San Antonio or Golden State with their current line-up and if they can get Melo and hold onto Griffin, Jordan and Paul this might be the year they make a deep playoff run.

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