AS the NBA trade deadline approaches, many of us expected it to come and go with rumours galore, but no actual  significant trades. That all changed on Sunday night with the biggest trade since Melo joined the Knicks in 2011.

WE learned that as an organisation, the NBA continues to ‘get it’. The highlight of All Star weekend in NOLA was easily the touching tribute by NBA stars past and present, celebrities and other respected personalities to the late sideline reporter Craig Sager, who passed away last December. They managed to raise $500,000 for the Sager Strong foundation in a unique three point shoot out, with just the right amount of humour, respect and class.

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WE learned that the top of the college basketball food chain is starting to take shape. After weeks of inconsistency and uncertainty, Villanova, Kansas and Gonzaga are emerging as three of the teams that are a serious tournament threat this year. There are still other in the pack who have potential (Louisville, North Carolina and Arizona), and some lower ranked teams can still cause plenty of headaches (Kentucky and Duke), but we have a much clearer picture now.

WE learned that maybe Durant and Westbrook can be friends after all? The All Star pair put aside their differences on Sunday linking up on one of the most talked about plays from the All Star Weekend. Time heals all wounds.

WE learnt that Darelle Revis may quickly find himself without an NFL home. The New York Jets cornerback was arrested in Pittsburgh following an altercation in which Revis knocked out two men and has been issued a slew of charges as a result. He is no longer worth the headaches for the Jets, who should ditch the troubled defender immediately.

LASTLY we learned that the Pelicans are now a force. Forget who won the trade, or if Cousins will resign in New Orleans for just a minute. Trading with the Kings to acquire DeMarcus Cousins now means the Pelicans own two of the best big man in the game. No matter the makeup of your roster anytime you can add another top 15 player in the league, you do it and figure out the rest later. There are rumours plenty of big name players could be on the move. Could this blockbuster move by the Kings start a snowball effect around the league?