The Craig Sager Tribute Was Easily The Best Part Of All-Star Saturday

ALL Star Saturday is often the highlight of All Star weekend for fans. Last year we saw Bigs vs. Smalls in the skills challenge, a Splash Bros shootout in the 3 point contest and the best Dunk Contest in years. The events this year didn’t quite live up to the hype of years past, but there was one moment that stands out.

IN a classy tribute the NBA called upon some of the stars from the three point shootout to alternate taking shots, over a one minute time period, to raise money for the Sager Strong foundation. Every made three meant $10,000 to the foundation. But as Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker and the newly crowned three point king Eric Gordon stepped to the line, Reggie Miller removed his headset demanding that he join in the fun. He called upon other NBA stars and celebrities in the building to participate too and soon enough the likes of DJ Khaled, Michael B. Jordan, James Harden, Candice Parker and more joined the lineup.

AFTER chalking up $130,000 the reigning dual MVP, Steph Curry was given the task of hitting a half court shot to boost the total to half a million dollars. Nine shots later though Curry had come up short, but there was one more opportunity to raise the total. Shaquille O’Neal walked to the basket with Sager’s son Ryan who with the assistance of Shaq, made the hoop that helped them reach the $500,000 mark. It was a touching tribute to one of more beloved figures in NBA history, for the organisation that continually ‘gets it’. #SagerStrong

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