AFL Fantasy 2019 – Round 20 Wrap Up

20 down, 3 to go.

WHAT a HUGE weekend of scores! The first week of finals saw coaches post some impressive numbers with popular players coming to the party and treating us to a dozen scores over 125. With just six trades left in the 2019 season here’s hoping we can nail our final moves in the quest for a meaningful rank and/or a league premiership.

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2463 – The number of runs made by Steve Smith in the 1st Ashes test.
‪THE third-highest score of my career only helped me move up about 1,500 spots with huge digits around the grounds. Jack Ziebell gave me one nice last score, but it’s time for him to go, with Dunkley, Greene and a unique in Tom Lynch well and truly in my sights.



Players listed below are in doubt for Round 21 and perhaps longer due to injury/suspension issues.

Dayne Beams – There was speculation around Dayne Beams making a return when he was first sidelined with an injury in Round 11, but his season is now definitely over following serious shoulder surgery. 
Grant Birchall –
Sadly, Birchall suffered another hamstring injury that appears set to end his AFL career after four flags and 248 games.
Matt de Boer – Having missed six weeks of footy, GWS’ No. 1 tagger is a likely inclusion for this Friday’s clash against the Hawks.
Mason Cox – Collingwood’s injury crisis continues to worsen, with Big Pie Mason Cox out for the rest of the year with a torn retina in his eye.
Josh Dunkley – I feel fairly confident in saying Dunks will be fine, but he copped a big knock near the end of the game vs. Brisbane. Watch his status this week.
Josh Kelly – After a month-long hiatus with a calf injury, Josh Kelly is firmly in the mix to play this weekend.
Adam Saad – Adam Saad managed to play out the game despite hamstring soreness, but an absence could hurt some Draft coaches should he miss Round 21.
Dayne Zorko – Good news for Brisbane fans, Dayne Zorko’s hamstring injury isn’t serious with the 4x B&F winner a chance to take on the Suns this weekend.


Honourable Mentions: Rory Laird (134), Adam Treloar (129), Zac Williams (142) 

+5. Jack Macrae, Bulldogs (MID, $841K – 151)
MACRAE put in a vintage performance against Brisbane, helping himself to a season-high 45 disposals. Dominant from start to finish, Macrae once again looks like the player that we expected him to be in 2019, making him must-have property.

+4. Toby Greene, Giants (FWD, $717K – 146)
COACHES who have traded Toby Greene in at any point in the last three weeks would’ve watched him with joy on Saturday. Just the fifth 140+ score of his career was a great reward for 8.4% of the competition with over 5,000 people bringing him in for this score.

toby greeneImage from

+3. Brodie Grundy, Magpies (RUC, $862K – 145)
AFTER last week a lot of people were worried about Grundy’s potential output against a formidable foe in Jarrod Witts. Of course, there’s a reason he was the fourth pig recently inducted to the sty, illustrating that with a huge 145 game that featured 26 touches and 43 hitouts.

+2. Marcus Bontempelli, Bulldogs (MID, $697K – 139)
IN his last five games the Bont has scored 120+ three times, with two mortal efforts coming against the Demons and Saints. While his consistency is somewhat frustrating there’s no denying that when he’s on, Bontempelli gets it done and these big outings seem to be occurring on a more regular basis. Trade target alert.

+1. Nic Newman, Blues (DEF, $665K – 135)
I feel a little less guilty after recommending Newman as a trade target in Round 18. His score of 68 against the Crows wasn’t exactly what we were after, however, he nearly doubled his output last weekend against West Coast. Don’t go expecting him to kick four goals every week, but Newman should be good for 90-95’s from here on out.


Dishonourable Mentions: Tim Taranto (84), Lachie Hunter (79), Angus Brayshaw (76)

-5. James Sicily, Hawks (DEF, $504K – 46)
IT’S time for Sic Dog to go. If you’re one of the 15.5% of coaches who were holding out hope of Sicily becoming a fantasy factor down the stretches, you’ve now got to cut your losses. He has only posted one ton in the second half of the season and even though he’s lost a lot of value, keeping him will only continue to cause pain (see: Angus Brayshaw).

-4. Patrick Dangerfield, Cats (MID/FWD, $714K – 65)
WHEN the game was in the balance between Fremantle and Geelong, the big stars came to play. Both Nat Fyfe and Tim Kelly stepped up to the challenge, but Dangerfield was nowhere to be seen. Sure, he spent part of that time sitting inside 50, but that isn’t enough of an excuse for a 13-point second half. Yuk.

-3. Dom Sheed, Eagles (MID, $682K – 49)
SOME people were seriously considering Dom Sheed as a trade-in target before the weekend and given his recent form it wasn’t a farfetched plan. I wouldn’t be panicking too much with a points friendly matchup against Adelaide on the horizon, Sheed should turn his form around after a season-worst sub-50.

-2. Christian Salem, Demons (DEF, $515K – 67)
ANGUS Brayshaw’s weekly reservation in the Frustrating Five was interrupted by one of his teammates this week. Christian Salem loomed as a trade candidate for those chasing a unique defender and he didn’t exactly fire against the Tigers. Hopefully, he can top 90 again against Collingwood like most of us expect him too.

christian salemImage from

-1. Patrick Cripps, Blues (MID, $627K – 75)
THE Patrick Cripps rollercoaster is in full effect, with Carlton’s Brownlow fancy struggling to find consistency to close out the fantasy year. If you still have Cripps in your side I wouldn’t be overreacting and moving him on, because based on his usual trend a 120/130 is on the way. That being said, I wouldn’t be trading him in either as I’m still of the belief that he’s playing hurt/hampered.


IN FOR the second consecutive week Toby Greene (FWD, $717K – 146) will be one of the most coveted targets, but he comes with some perceived risks. Josh Kelly and/or Matt de Boer’s inclusion back into the GWS midfield could hamper Greene’s scores, but he’s still a fine target despite those potential worries. People chasing a DEF upgrade could steer their attention towards Rory Laird (DEF, $655K – 134) who is fresh off a season-best 134.

NOW that he’s priced over $300k, I wouldn’t be looking to trade in Will Snelling (MID, $301K – 93) despite his killer 90+ in Round 20. He and FWD eligible duo Doulton Langlands (MID/FWD, $259K – 39) and Hayden McLean (FWD, $297K – 88) all come at a cost and I’d rather put more money in the bank for a few more all-important upgrades. That makes the likes of Jason Carter (DEF/MID, $182K – 47)Hugh Goddard (DEF, $170K – 31) and any other fresh faces picked on Thursday night all the more appealing for a bench placement.

OUT IF you’re still stuck with Jack Ziebell (FWD/MID, $603K – 97) and/or James Sicily (DEF, $504K – 48) you have to move them on while you have the chance. Ziebell needed three goals for his 90 and isn’t playing the same role he once was, while Sicily’s altered responsibility in Hawthorn’s system has all but ruined his fantasy numbers. Those in premium shuffle mode may want to axe Tom Rockliff (MID, $709K – 92) or Mitch Duncan (MID, $713K – 92) if they don’t find their mojo after a few 90’s and low tons. Be prepared for the real possibility they go 120+ when you move them along though…

MAXIMISING money should be a priority for the final three weeks of the season, with popular bench picks able to be cashed in now. At the top of the culling list would be non-playing types like Brett Bewley (MID/FWD, $335K – DNP), followed closely by Jarrod Cameron (FWD, $310K – 46), Nick Hind (MID/FWD, $284K – 43) and Oskar Baker (MID/FWD, $363K – 46).


WAIVER wires are drying up around the league, making the investments you make all that more important. There are a few forwards who interest me including Cameron Zurhaar  (FWD, 8% – 77) and Jake Stringer (FWD, 14% – 87) who could be up for grabs in your league. MID/FWD’s are popular in Draft sides and one such player who has been in my side all year is Sam Powell-Pepper (MID/FWD, 29% – 106). His output fluctuates each round, but SPP could be a handy piece to add over the final three weeks of fixtures. His teammate Dan Houston (DEF, 32% – 123) is thriving with more time closer to the footy and looms as a good DEF target, while Oscar McInerney (FWD/RUC, 9% – 83) is one of the only rucks available for those in desperate need of a big man.


IT’S appealing to turn Ziebell into either Josh Dunkley or Toby Greene, but if I’m going to move up in the ranks I’m going to have to think outside the box. I’ve long been a fan of Tom Lynch and the Crows FWD could be very relevant over the final three weeks of my season. It’s not set in stone, but getting a lesser named FWD as a Ziebell replacement is where I’m steering my thoughts.


My Trades
J.Cameron → H.Goddard

J.Ziebell → T.Lynch

Peace ✌

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