Which NBA Teams Desperately Need to Win the 2019 Lottery?

WE are only a few days away from finding out which NBA team will win the Zion Williamson sweepstakes. Let’s be honest there’s no way a team will win the lotto and then opt to draft another player – not even potential superstar Ja Morant can tempt them. There are some teams that have been blessed by the ping pong ball god’s in recent times *cough* Cleveland *cough* and there are franchises that haven’t had luck fall their way. While personally, I hope the number one selection heads to Ohio for the fourth time this decade, I’m willing to part ways with Zion to help out these struggles squads, who desperately need to catch a break.

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Charlotte Hornets

A lot of people in Charlotte believe the Hornets are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t this summer. Facing a difficult offseason decision regarding the future of Kemba Walker, you could argue that no team in the NBA needs a lottery win like the Charlotte do. Having Zion under the tutelage of Hornets owner Michael Jordan might help him reach heights that he wouldn’t be able to at another franchise. Should they jump up from the 12th spot to secure the No. 1 selection it would create history as the biggest leap up the lottery leaderboard and, in turn, send NBA Twitter into meltdown. Who doesn’t love a good viral moment.

New York Knicks

IF the NBA lottery truly is rigged then there’s no way that Zion Williamson won’t end up in New York. To say 2018-19 was a tumultuous season is an epic understatement with the franchise choosing to part ways with budding star Kristaps Porzingis near the deadline. It was a move that caught the NBA public and NYC fans alike off guard, and the Knicks responded by recording a 17-65 record on the season, the equal-worst franchise record in their rich 73-year history. That successful history is nothing but a fable for New York fans under the age of 30 and landing a generational talent in Zion seems fair after the displeasure they have been put through in recent years.

New Orleans Pelicans

YES, I’m well aware that ‘he who must not be named’ is in the Pelicans’ bad books, but landing the creme of the crop in this draft could change everything. While Anthony Davis has potentially already played his last game for New Orleans, he’s still technically contracted for the upcoming season and if Williamson was wearing a Pelicans jersey next season, everyone could opt to put their differences aside and focus on building a winning product in the Bayou. Even if AD and the Pels can’t repair their reputation, they could demand a king’s ransom and a trade package LOADED with draft picks for Davis and reboot their next chapter. Starting your rebuild with Zion and a blank canvas is an exciting prospect.

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Washington Wizards

JOHN Wall’s contract is hanging over this franchise like a dark, expensive, depressing cloud. Starting next season, the Wizards will be financially hamstrung for the next four years as they pay the 5x All-Star over $169 million dollars. It even hurts me to write that. With Bradley Beal earning over $25mil of his own in each of the next three seasons, hitting on cheap talent will be crucial for Washington. Enter the NBA Draft lottery. While securing Zion is obviously every team’s goal, the Wizards brass would be happy just to vault into the top-3 and maybe land the next cab off the rank. Adding one of Zion’s stellar fellow freshmen in R.J. Barrett or Cam Reddish would definitely improve the morale in DC.

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